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08 July 2006



You have had some amazing experiences. I'm glad you stopped by my blog. Yours is quite interesting.


Ah, haunted hotels and tacky new owners who don't understand value or ambience. Your stories have fascinating potential. We'd all enjoy hearing more. Thanks greatly for your valuable recommendations. And thanks, Tara, for taking time to read every entry in this weeks Scribblings--including mine--and give feedback. It is more appreciated than you know.


Your rundown of these nice French hotels made me envious. Unfortunately a pastor's allowance doesn't run to letting us stay in anything so luxurious.


One day I hope to visit Paris. I will stay in one of the hotels you wrote about! Lovely.

miandmiksmom lovely...great stories! You took me on a mini-vacation this morning!


Oh I would have loved to hear more about those many stories you mentioned.

Just a glimpse was enjoyable.


They all sound heavenly! Someday, someday...(sigh)
Oh, and someday, I'd love to hear the tale of the haunted inn!


I checked out every one of your recommendations and all I can say is wow! I'm daydreaming of French chateaus day...sigh... sounds like you really know how to live, m'dear! :)

Cheap Tarts

Wow! When is the book coming out. YOU are the ultimate travel critic. I'm calling you before my next trip.

The Tart
; )


They all look heavenly :) I wish I could sit down with you and listen to your wonderful stories.



Oh! What beautiful hotels. Wonderfully informative post. Thanks!


amazing, beautiful, adventurous. Someday...


What lovely hotels! I think I need to plan a trip to France. Thank you for the advice!!


Wow! I have to add a few of these hotels to my "places to visit before I die" list.


Yeah, I'm jealous. It sounds like fun experiences though. Love the photo!


I stayed at a chateau once. It is one of my favorite memories. During dinner out on the terrace, two hot air balloons filled up with hot air and lauched into the sky. I was charmed by it all to say the least.


Thank you Tara! great advise!
I love also bed and breakfasts! :) (because you talk with other guests and the owners more easily and their different ways to present a breakfast are always interesting)


Oh Tara! *sigh* I love to hear about your life and adventures. And what a great idea for SS! My Aunt is looking places to stay on her trip to Normandie, right now as I write this! I will pass these right along to her. ;) (I WISH I were joining her.)



Oh, Oh, I want to hear about all of those other hotel stories. Please divulge!



Sounds like you have had your share of travels! The bomb scare I will pass thank you!!
Oh just book me into anyone of those Paris "dream houses!"


Tara: I can't wait to try your recommendations one day. (The hub took over the London trip because of business--so I was unable to stay at the place you suggested, boo hiss on him!) I love "different" hotels. Blasphemy! I can't believe the story about the antiques being thrown out for modern. Ew. Wouldn't you have like to have been driving by that night! Hey, what about that nouveau door??? Have you moved on it yet???? Oh, gee, do I have a story for you on my items from France finally arriving! I'll have to make a post on the saga! Hope you're well. xoxo


I hope to see France someday. How beautiful.


Wow, you seem so cultured compared to my hotel experiences.

Those hotels are beautiful. Someday, I'll travel like that. Someday! (Hey, I've never even been to Hawaii)


Merci beaucoup, Tara, for the recommendations! I may be making use of them in the near future :)

ally bean

I think that you should begine with more about the hotels in exeter, devon, england, PLEASE. I studied for a term at the Univ. of Exeter when I was a sweet young thing. The whole area holds a sentimental spot in my heart.

tongue in cheek

Hotels in France! Can I add a few to your list? There is nothing nicer than a glass of wine seating in the courtyard, at twilight in any of these places!

Paris Parfait

All these places are within a three or four-hour drive from Paris.


Thanks for the compliment on my post for this prompt. What a life you've had! And you not only graced us with exquisite memories, but threw in travel advice, to boot! Fabulous!


When we next visit France it will be Paris although, I'm always game for recommendations. I'm excited about this prompt as well, although my post is still in the works.


Ah, Tara, those hotels sound marvelous! We haven't really broken through to that caliber of accomodations quite yet. Hopefully someday! We keep wanting to plan a trip to France (Jim has never been and I haven't been since I was 17!!!) but haven't managed it yet. It's up high on the list of next trips, though.


I know I'm not alone in that I want to hear ALL the stories you've brushed around. You've whetted my appetite. What a remarkable woman you are!


The photo and your hotel descriptions have taken me off into the land of make believe travel. I can't wait to be on the road again (or in the skies!) travelling to new places and with each hotel story I read my feet get a little itchier and I start reaching for my passport!


thank you for your post. i am dreaming about being in europe this summer (unfortunately, not going to happen.) when it does, who knows, maybe we'll stay in one of these lovely places.


I am drooling....drooling....drooling... so glad you are posting this week ! I will post about my favorite hotel here.

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