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22 June 2009


Denise @ Swelle

Hi Tara! That very man served me Berthillon ice cream in April! Chocolat noir and cassis! I will be sending you some photos very soon. I hope your foot is better! Denise xx

Robin Laws

oh you have the best blogger visits! nice was it for you two to meet?! i have been away from you too long and have missed out on so many of your treasure seeking adventures. in this post the amazingly complex flowers really caught my eye. how beautiful they are!
hope you are well! XO

jen laceda

Love the photo of Berthillion and Shakespeare & Co. Classic tourist landmarks!


i really love those bookstore shots...totally atmospheric. and the lady's purple shoes--fantastic. makes me want to take a wander with my camera...


Loving all this pink. I especially love the handwriting on the chalkboard of the Shakespeare and Company sign.


I have this 'scene' playing in my head of someone (me:)) careening around Paris in that little pink car (how many cc's has it?), singing, waving at women wearing purple shoes as I park to browse Shakespeare and Co. The verve of this post is a wonderful counterpoint to the scavenging elderly and the neocons. Thanks for the balance.


I love how the photos begin and end in pink...the first is delicious!


Wonderful post - delicious for the yeux!


Loving all the pics! Oh so delightful! Miss you xoxx


As usual, magical photos. And would love to spend an entire afternoon in that bookstore.


I love all these pictures. It made me want to go back to Paris! I tell Georgie that some day she and I will go together, because of my "Pink in Paris
dream I had, when I knew I was pregnant. Now she wants me to make her new bedroom a "paris and fashion room". :)

The flowers! Oh my, so lovely.

Have fun in Amster. Try not to smoke too much doobage. ;)



Oooh, that bookshop looks great, Tara - I picked up a 1902 copy of Rudyard Kipling's "The Seven Seas" in a country bookstore just last weekend - love to browse.

The complex flower looks gorgeous.

A Fanciful Twist

Oh, What a delightment! Visitors, pink cars (I want it pleaseeee!! ;) I think I need a shop right on that street, and I need that pink car to go with it ;)

Your guests sounds delightful, but noise, that deters sleep? No nononnooooon ;)

I am just back from visiting the familia... I LOVE your wedding shots! Off to browse your beautiful blog! xoxoxo


You make me laff!


What is it about that pink car sitting in front of the ice cream parlour???
It just feels as if it jumped out of the pink bubblegum flavour and is resting
for a moment while it dries off ... .


Hi Tara,
Wonderful photo of the woman in purple shoes.
AND of that amazing flower!!!
Wish that the older people you see were not having to go though the garbage for food. Very~Sad.
Happy you could spend time with Jeanie and Sarah,
That your husband is a good chef.
That you will get to go to Amsterdam!!



Oh look at these beautiful pictures. May I wear purple with you? Pretty please, friend. : )

Look at the bookstore!!! These photographs look like they are straight, out of a magazine.

Amsterdam? Bliss! Hubby spent part of high school there. He adores, Amsterdam.

Account Deleted

well, another case of you giving me what i need!

the neocons link has been forwarding
left and right to friends...
so thanks for that.
you are so spot*on to send it out
here to the wind...

Shakespeare and Co. is the best, isn't it
with the rooms filled to the top with twin beds and toppling books
of every language near and far.


i long to sleep there

sort of

your complex flower...well
i bought one just yesterday
in a shop near my home
as luck would have it
i have the little sticker label right beside my computer
as i Googled it last night...

complex flower
that cannot make up her mind on color
--->curcuma alismatifolia.

go figure!

if i could only find the pink car
parked outside my front door

waiting to zip me away...



I love the first three images! So real! You are a great photographer~ Thanks for sharing your eye with us.


Tara you have just picked me up and taken me back to that book shop. I have been there when I was in Paris. It's my fathers favorite. Loved looking at these photos! Thank you!

xoxo Noel


All I can say is: WOW! These photos are GREAT and made my day. And...YES!! To the pink car and the purple shoes!


Life is so FULL around you...happy to peek in and share bits of it, both the arts and culture AND the day to day realities.


The part about the seniors rummaging for discarded produce surprised me and made me sad. I guess I figured that sort of thing mostly just happens here en masse. I just read a study that says the welfare requests are the highest they have been since the Clinton administration.

Oh! Berthillon! *crying* Best damn ice cream ever.

Jane Rosemont

What a great post to wake up to. And, I want those purple shoes!


Your pictures bring back memories of walking those same streets and seeing the same sights.

You indeed had a very social weekend and great finds too. Thanks for the article on the neocons.

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