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08 July 2009



Oh, Tara. What a magical, wonderful list. I've been out of town so I'm just now getting around to visiting everyone and enjoying their lists. I must say, yours has me smiling and smiling. Those smiling mannequins have delighted me entirely. Plus, I need a pot just like the one in your last picture. My, oh my, how lovely.


Thanks for the sneak peek, Tara. I'm itching to go! I especially enjoyed the laughing mannequins and the beautiful cachepot you bought on Prinsengracht.


I really enjoyed these photos... thank you! xoxo

Tara Bradford

Caroline, thank you! It is a lovely city; I'm looking forward to spending more time there.

Paris Parfait

Marja, so lovely to hear from you! How are you doing these days?


bikes, Tulips, discussions amsterdam Big sight


I am awash in simple pleasures! Those tulips draped over the fence...a fleeting moment of such beauty...

happy day to you!

Paris Parfait

Janet, thank you so much! I just tried twice to leave a comment about your lovely list of delights - both times, the comment vanished! Sigh. Technology can be such a trial, at times.

Paris Parfait

Sarah, thank you. I love that your friend brought you a stone from Holland. When I lived in the Middle East, I collected stones everywhere I went and carried them in my handbag, until it became a "security issue." Sigh.


wow! so in love with your photos!


oh my! breathtaking!


yup, love Man in the Mirror too. those were the lyrics that came to mind when I posted that day.

gorgeous photos to go along with your list! if I ever saw pottery in that color, I would be hard-pressed to resist.


Your pictures are beautiful to go along with your wonderful list. I love that you included imagination. Man in the Mirror is one of my top 5 Michael songs.

Paris Parfait

Martina, thank you! I had fun taking these photos. What a great city Amsterdam is.

Paris Parfait

I appreciate the kudos - thank you!

Paris Parfait

Thank you so much for the kind words!


Hydrangeas are my favorite, with tulips a close second -- how fun to see both together! I'm glad your hydrangea survived your holiday in Amsterdam!


Such wonderful images! I have been to Amsterdam 3 times and want to go back again! It's such a lively city and filled with art, whimsy and wonderful people. You captured it's essence beautifully!


Oh -- those tulips hanging on the fence!
A memorable image, indeed.

Paris Parfait

Elk, thank you for the lovely comments! It is a pleasure strolling around Amsterdam, with or without a camera.

Paris Parfait

Oh, Lois, you are making me blush! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments. I am looking forward to taking many, many more photographs in Amsterdam. Next trip, hopefully September.

Paris Parfait

Aren't the tulips in the fence a lovely touch??!! Thanks so much!

Paris Parfait

Thank you so much, Gigi! I appreciate the lovely kudos.

Paris Parfait

Merci bien, Graciel! You are very kind.


These are all lovely things! I love 'imagination' paired with those tulips and strength with your brave hydrangea! Beautiful photos too. And that is one of my favourite colours too-that shade of aqua!


Tara your stroll through the city with a camera has lifted my spirits this day...just such everyday images simply so well captured! blessings elk

Cheryl de los Reyes Cruz

These photographs are wonderful! I love the tulips hanging on the fence.


Again, what your readers have come to expect! Magnificence! I tried leaving a message yesterday about the boys, but it somehow disappeared before my eyes. LOL If you move to Amsterdam, your readers are in for only more joyous photos and stories. I can hardly wait!


Seriously that balloon with the heart on it! Amazing!

And the pottery is just love.

I don't know if I ever noticed that picture in your banner. The one with the man riding through the sand. That is a portfolio in it's self.


Wow, your photos are so wonderful, and your list is fantastic, too! Being bold and exploring new places--yes, yes, yes! Your blog is an inspiration.


Inspiring, lovely, gentle YOU!
With photos to match!


Great list and absolutely love your photos!


Your images, Tara, are glorious. Amsterdam looks incredible through your eyes. I'll play along, I have a mobile internet stick to get me through until the internet people arrive today to hook it all up. I will send through proper correspondence when I'm connected again. What a week or two it has been!
Southwest is having a fall seat sale, should we meet somewhere? Phoenix? xoxo


Wonderful images.
I had never realised that hydrangeas were hortensia in French.
How much better to be called the latter.
I also enjoyed your post below of Amsterdam.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

a gorgeous collection of the simple. i heart amsterdam and your always exceptional photographic eye. :)

soeurs du jour

simply lovely. as it should be.

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