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06 July 2009


my castle in spain

great pics Tara, you're so lucky to be there. I've never been and i do so wish to visit..'ll leave Paris.?.mais c'est impossible voyons !


gorgeous photos (as always). we've not been there yet and, looking at your photos and reading about your adventures, i really want to go there now!

hope all is well with you

Paris Parfait

Hi Shelli; it's Hotel Putlizer and the restaurant is Bussia (

Di Overton

PS I went to the Van Gogh Museum and it really looks as though he was drunk when he painted. Just not my thing I'm afraid.

Di Overton

Yeah I can see why you would want to live there but I am still gutted that you aren't coming here :(

Paris Parfait

Yes, we saw the parrots! Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of them - will try again next time.


Yes, yes, tell the name of the hotel and the resto in Jordaan. Your photos and story convince us to go to Amsterdam, but where to stay and where to eat...?


I did a double take: the Jordaan canal, minus the bridge, could be a photo of Dublin's canal.
I've been enjoying your beautiful photos. And I've been fed up with Palin's lunacy (all over again).



Beautiful! It brings back memories of my time there last fall. Did you see flocks of parrots flying around? We were amazed to see them.


Oh, dear! And I haven't even maximized Paris yet! But this is so very charming. Rick often talks about Amsterdam -- a big bike city -- and I've always wanted to visit the Anne Frank house. Between that, the art, and oh, that Italian meal -- I'm ready to pack my bags once again!

Cheryl de los Reyes Cruz

Sounds like a wonderful trip :)


Oh GOOOOD!! First I will come visit you in Paris, then I will come visit you in Amersterdam! That will workk just fine for me. Thanks. ;)

It IS so lovely there. We loved it! Oh so many years ago, *sigh*

oxox :)


Did you know that the natives of the Jordaan have a separate "Jordaans" accent, similar to Cockney in London? How ever did you find that hotel? Your photos are scrumptious as usual! Thanks!


Lovely photographs but it made me so homesick for Amsterdam. It was one of two of my favourite hometowns.

Thanks for sharing your visit.


oh yes, we want to hear about it all. Especially the 6 course meal! ; )
the photos are wonderful!
the foggy one, is very sexy. you captured it, beautifully.


Gorgeous photos!
Always wanted to see Amsterdam and now i want it even more!


I understand Amsterdam is magnificent. After looking at a houseboat on another blog I looked into them myself, however Amsterdam is probably out of the question! LOL More beautiful photos from you! Loved them, thanks for sharing.

A Fanciful Twist

Ohhhhhh bliss. Amsterdam, such a beautiful place. I promise, I will visit you there if you move. Heck, I would visit you in Paris if my closterphobia ladden self didn't have to travel via airplane. What about boat? Hot air balloon maybe???

The art in Amersterdam, you got me. The canal...

OKay, hot air balloon it is.... xoxoox


Looks like Amsterdam will have to be included on my list of places to visit! I love the 'visual pun' of the Double Dutch bicycle. The houseboats along the canal remind me of Seattle!


Sounds like a fabulous trip. I have only been to amsterdam once and the sun shone and everyone dropped their bikes and sunned in the parks and I thought it was the most charming and liveable city I'd ever visited. My local friends assured me that the sun does not always sun, but I remained charmed.


You had a beautiful time Tara! You so deserved this break!
Thank you for sharing your photos and experience!
This morning a lady friend Ginnie (age 84) showed me her new red collapsible bike from Holland. People in Amsterdam are on top of things, don't you think?

xox to you!

Amanda Nicole

My guy spent some time in Amsterdam last year on business, and I marveled at his photos for days. I love how there's such a strong bike culture there, and the architecture - be still my heart!

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