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11 July 2009



This reminds me to buy bubbles for the cottage -- I love blowing bubbles on the beach!


Lovely photo.

A Fanciful Twist

Oooooo! That is a special bubble mixture, look at how iridescent and colorful the bubbles are!! Beautiful!

Miss Tara, I have been having a me couple of days, I so needed that. I am sitting here with bleach strips on my teeth and a mud mask on my face, then it's off to dinner for my parents 40th anniversary... Me time and family time is filling my soul!! All my love, xoxoxo


Oh I'll have to go see the link.
Love the photo Tara! (I'll take your advice.)
Your new small icon thingie (what do you call those) on the address that sealing wax?
Curious. I like it!


Thank you for your bubbles and for the link to Sabrina's site. She is on inspired and inspiring woman.



That is pretty! I am taking time for myself - right now! And catching up with lovely blogs such as yours. :)


Thank you for this link...she is an amazing women! I played with bubbles today!! really felt like summer.


Bubble=magic to me...that is co lovely! Hope you are having a great weekend and thanks for the link!


I love bubbles! And Sabrina Ward Harrison's books - thank you for passing on the link, Tara. Hoping you can take some time for yourself too - wishing you a wonderful weekend! xo


I adore bubbles! Adore them! This is such a beautiful, beautiful photo.

Off to the link.

Waving to you, and Maddie.


Bubbles bubbles everywhere~ There is something very spiritual for me about bubbles~ They are sacred, most beautiful & real but only for a quick moment.
I love this post! Thank you for my dose of magic this morning!


I've always loved bubbles ever since I was a kid. Lovely pic.

Beth Evans-Ramos

Seeing bubbles floating in the air makes me smile every single time. Especially watching children try to catch them. We are headed to the farmer's market this morning. More smiles ahead!

Beth of Salvage Studio


Enjoyed the True Living Project. It is inspiring to take notice of all the beauty around us. I am off to an antique show this morning, hoping to meet Isabel. Then a Bastille concert this evening in a wine shop. So it will be a special day.

Have a wonderful weekend full of new surprises.

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