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19 July 2009


Robin Laws

absolutely picture postcard perfect tara! i am in love with all these beautiful scenes you have captured to entice us:)


Thank you for this indescribably beautiful preview of our May vacation...


I was missing Paris, and your second to last photo - Quai de la Tournelle - did it for me. Really took me there. Merci. Buckets.


Ah yes, I am missing Paris. And if I wasn't, I sure would be after viewing your photos.


I don't want to be so vain as to hope you might have been thinking a wee bit of me and how I'm missing Paris when you posted these, but oh! I am, and these are wonderful!


I need to eat at that floating restaurant. Need, I tell you.

Rene Rencontre

Awesome photos :)) i am so glad that i see it, so beautiful city and very interesting buildings :)


Many thanks for posting these photos. Ah, Paris.


Next time you have a warm croissant or divine brie cheese, please think of me here in the flatlands wishing I were having a latte at a sidewalk cafe in gay Paree.

Di Overton

What time did you get up for God's sake. There's not a soul around and yes of course I miss Paris :(

susanna's sketchbook day I'll make it to your city...and I'll definitely look for that boat restaurant! Have you ever eaten there, Tara?


You were up early...what gorgeous shots! I have been, only once...this gets me dreaming.


Your images are more refreshing than a cool breeze ... .

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Love Paris during summertime

The Bold Soul

My goodness, you WERE out and about early... the water on the Seine was more still than I've ever seen it. Beautiful!


WHAT are you trying to do to me, lady?! Vous me tuer.



Beautiful images you took! Your killing me over here! I MISS Paris everyday!
Thank you for sharing with us Americans~


As a matter of fact I WAS missing Paris! Thank you for sharing her so beautifully.


I've missed Paris for over thirty years now! But this certainly helped! Just beautiful - and no people to ruin it! ;)

robyn pope

How did you know?? Wonderful photos thanks ~ Robyn


PHENOMENAL photos!!!


That's my city for sure.Cheers for some great photos.


Your beautiful pictures only make me more excited to visit Paris in September. I can't wait. Last time we stayed in St. Germaine, but this time we will be in Marais. I would love to have a cup of tea with you if you have time.



I didn't know I was missing Paris until I saw your photos! They are stunning. I'll be going there for the first time in May 2010. 40 years from when I first planned on making the pilgrimage. 'Twas a dream deferred. Thank you for the inspiration.


Paris is beauty! :)
have a great day Tara!


i would be missing paris if i'd ever been there (hmm, maybe should have saved that as a secret)...instead these make me want to go!


I do miss Paris and your photos made me feel right there at the moment.

Gillian daSilva

Oh lord these are glorious. The winding street has so much interest to it I want to hop on a plane this minute. xo


thank you, thank you... sniff, sniff. It makes me want to jump on the next plane. xoxo

Janis McElmurry

Oh yes, I am always missing Paris. thanks for the beautiful pictures!!!


Thanks for sharing! I was surprised to see that Notre Dame's doors were already open, so early in the morning.

Lynne Rutter

le sigh.


I feel like I am there. These photographs are brilliant! You are so talented.


REALLY wonderful photos! Merci!

Jen Laceda

I do miss Paris oh-so-much!

The Cape House

These are fantastic photos. How I miss that city.

JanePoet ~ JP/deb

I do miss Paris ... thank you for these lovely photos!!!!

I miss you too :)


Crafty green poet

the light is just gorgeous in those photos....


Thanks for all you share and your love
and friendship


Can't say that I'm missing it, but I do love the pictures! I love the blue skies--we had rain our entire visit last year!


Thank you. I'm rarely awake early enough to see that gorgeous quiet shiny Paris.

Amanda Nicole

These were the perfect pictures to scroll through on a Sunday morning. Thank you!


Oh, I can tell you are seriously in love with Paris. These photos are stunning. Thank you.

Beth Evans-Ramos

I am missing Paris! Your gorgeous photos remind me why. Your photography skills just get more and more amazing. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Beth of Salvage Studio


I am missing Paris. Always, always. Those photos are beautiful. Thank you for them.

Lola England

Thank you! I love your photography always - however, today I was missing Paris and this was perfect!

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