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15 February 2011



Good luck in your new home. Amsterdam Parfait?



I will miss you in Paris, but you are still Parfait in Holland or where ever you go, Tara!



You must be mad with settling in! Looking forward to see your new home!


Not an end...but a beginning.

safe travels


Tara so beautiful!! I know you will miss Paris, we know how to reach you though!!

I have an Artful Offering and great interview on my site.You will love it!

Art by Karena


Good luck in your new life. Hoping to see you back on line soon

Elizabeth Rhiannon

Oh, goodness! I've been offline for over a month, so much has happened! I have no idea what has been taking place in your life regarding this move but the BEST of luck to you and I hope to read future posts. They're amazing and help me dream :)

d i a n a

It's been quite an adventure. Thanks for taking us along.

How wonderful to have so much more down the road.


Good luck! Will you be changing the name of your blog?


Hi Tara,

WOW! Bon voyage, alors ... and Good luck on starting your new life in Holland! I'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures from there...
All my best .... Leesa


Ahhh *sigh*



Beautiful roses. It will be interesting to see if you learn Dutch, which I hear is quite difficult. Congrats on your new adventure!

a fanciful twist

Paris will never be the same without you, mon ami tres tres belle!! xoxoxx


Safe travels and transitions...smooches

The Bold Soul

I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to see you before you left, but perhaps one day I will hook up with you in Amsterdam -- a city I have yet to visit but want to see very much! All the best to you and David in your new home and new city. Next time you're coming back to Paris, do let me know.


A bientot de vous lire, Bonne chance


Oh, how I will miss your Parisian posts but will be excited to know more about Holland/Amsterdam -- something I'm not terribly familiar with.

However, I know you will be divinely happy. Au revoir -- A new chapter...


I can't wait to see Holland through your lens. Pleasant travel!

Karen @PasGrand-Chose

And thanks for enriching our lives too with your thoughtful posts and wonderful images. I wish you an easy transition and look forward to the new adventures in Holland!


Looking forward to following along with new adventures wherever you travel.


It isn't's a new hello. A Dutch hello!
And do we ever look forward to your ongoing adventures in your new and beautiful homeland. xo

Julie Ward

Will you still write this blob?! I love it, please don't stop!!


Such an amazing life you are living! Amsterdam will be very happy to have you, and we will enjoy seeing the city though your eyes. Now, if only we lived close enough to you to hit up your garage sale when you were packing...! :)


Good luck with your move my friend...I am sending big hugs! xoxo


Bon Voyage!!


...such sweet sorrow!

martha ann

well.... i sure will miss your paris postings and seeing you in the city... but I do know you are excited for a new chapter in your live and I wish you well...... lots of love from the


You will be a wonderful addition to Holland. Have a safe journey and let me know the address when you get there so I can send a little housewarming present to remind you of a friend who thinks you are tops.


Will miss the posts from Paris, too, but looking forward to seeing Holland though your eyes. Au revoir et bonne chance!


We will miss your Parisian posts, Tara! But I wish you and yours the very best in your new home. We know the world is your home, but we now will read your posts from Amsterdam with renewed interest! If I knew any Dutch, I'd include it here!

Mary H.

Can hardly wait for the photos of your new home and your new adventures in Holland!

Elsie Anderton

Woo hoo! Good luck x

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