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21 July 2011


Tara Bradford

Vicki, good point. It's not always easy to reply to comments in a timely matter. Sometimes I email the commenter; other times by the time I can respond - due to travel or other deadlines - the commenter probably has forgotten about the subject! When pressed for time, I often respond only when the commenter disagrees with something I've said. I try to visit blogs of those who comment and reciprocate, although it won't necessarily be the same day. Thanks for your thoughts.

Vicki in Michigan

I generally quit commenting when I receive no response.

I've come to think that there are two sorts of comments. I think one sort is actually valuable -- "My favorite shot is the one with the excellent reflection of the building in the water." The other is ... not. "Cool!".............

If commenting opens up conversations, I'm all for it.

If it's just random applause, which is (not unreasonably) basically ignored by the receiver, well, not so much.

Tara Bradford

Thank you all for the encouraging words and supportive messages. Thanks to your comments here and several email messages I've decided to keep comments open. I really appreciate you taking the time to express your views.

Tara Bradford

Thank you, Jo. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.Judging from these comments and emails I've received, it seems most people want me to keep comments open - so I will.

 Online Photography

Love to read your all blog.
This one is also nice. Keep updating.


Tara, I agree fully with you on the issue of style vs substance in the blogging world. I think the trick is to nose out the 0.5% (less?) of blogs out there that actually do offer something of value or interest to oneself (a highly personal choice, obviously).
But, like most of your other commenters, I would hate to see your (or any other of my favourite bloggers') comment section disappear. Blogging would seem a sad and lonely occupation without the possibility of connection with others. I don't always have the time to comment on my particular handful of blogs that I regularly follow, or sometimes feel I don't have anything worthwhile to say, even when I've found a post really interesting. But it seems important that the opportunity for a two-way conversation is there.
When I started blogging only a year ago, I did so mainly as a way to connect with friends and family afar who I missed. I fondly imagined that they would leave comments and it would feel like I'd shared my experience and had a little conversation with them. I didn't imagine anyone else in the world would be remotely interested. As it's turned out, my friends and family rarely, if ever, comment, which means I haven't a clue if they ever even read my posts! On the other hand, I have unexpectedly made connections with virtual friends through blogging - people like yourself who I feel it would be a pleasure to meet some day in person, and who enrich my life in some way on a regular basis. I'm not sure that would be possible without the dialogue that a comments section offers.

Leonie Wise

I think I might have to gift myself with not another bill. That looks fab.

I dont have an opinion either way about comments. Depends on what you want I'd say. Sometimes I don't get any, I only ever get a handful, but it's not usually why I write or put up a photograph.

And as for me, I will keep in contact with you anyway...



I have been reading your blog for many a year and have only written less than 5 comments. But I love having the opportunity to do so even if I don't. I also love the fast replies to the comments that you give.


Dear Tara, I read this post early this morning and have been thinking about it all day. I can understand closing comments, but only if you have access through email to writing comments from time to time. I have noticed for myself I am being torn between Facebook, blogging, and emails and sometimes just don't have enough time. Then there have been several saying why don't you join pinterest and I wonder why divide my time even more. I started blogging for me and when I realize that I don't feel so bad when I don't get many comments. Then later someone will say they read my post, enjoyed it, but didn't leave a comment. That makes me happy they enjoyed it because I did too. So I really don't know the answer for you, but to enjoy doing what you do and when you don't enjoy it - don't do it. I would, however, miss you sooooo much if you stopped blogging.


Oh dear, I do hope you don't close the comment section here, Tara. Please reconsider.

Ally Bean

I love comments. They provide a kind of energy that distinguishes blogs from magazine articles. Without them, how would we all connect as bloggers? I'd find blogging too lonely if I didn't think there was at least a chance that someone would talk to me about what I said.


Hi Tara! Your blog posts are a lovely, insightful window on the world and they inform my thought processes whether or not I formulate an immediate comment. I think Mary H. says it quite well because I, too, feel that the comments, however many, expand the view of the world. I tend to feel there is some sort of shift occurring as regards the way people respond to the material on all these sorts of 'social' media. Perhaps the 'currents' are evolving and people are watching to see who consistently 'shows up.' You can count on me to show up, whatever you decide to do. ;0

Mary H.

Tara, I too have abandoned FB and don't plan to go back. This blog is the first I felt "safe" enough to venture any sort of comment in a public forum. There have been times I wished I could e-mail you with a question or comment but I felt you may be too busy to deal with individual e-mails. I will still visit, even if the comments section is closed, as your photos and insights are great! However, I would miss the remarks others from around the globe post. I really like hearing other people's views and stories. Whatever your decision, I'll be here.

Maryam in Marrakech

Hi darling T, I've seen my comments suffer a major decline, too. The days when every post would routinely generate 40-50 comments are over. That said, I personally couldn't blog without the comments on. Comments are important to me. I read and treasure every one. Of course some people will choose not to comment and send an email. But they would do that anyway. I actually feel frustrated when the occasional moment that I do find a blog that I love when they have the comments turned off. The blogger seems removed and distant from me. Like they don't care what I have to say.

Tara Bradford

Hi Amy - Thanks for your valuable input. I left Facebook months ago and have no intention of returning. So this blog is my only real platform for comments, other than my Tumblr blog. I agree with you about email; of course it's more personal. But do people have time to email comments? Maybe on occasion; I'm not so sure. It will be interesting to see how it all evolves.

ABC Dragoo

Hi Tara.

Thanks so much for mentioning me and linking back to ABCD Design. I know for the first 1.5 years I had a blog and the comments were turned off, whenever someone wanted to talk to ms or comment, they emailed. It was far more personal and I had better discussions because the comments were deeper-they had to make an effort to reach out.

Maybe that is flawed thinking, but in a time where the fb TW and G+'s of the world are demanding our time, and when comments are shallow 'Oh pretty! Now, over to read and comment on my post' -it seems like an obvious move. I've seen some, like Meredith Heron, invite people to comment on fb. Perhaps that is worth giving a go? At least it'll all be in one spot instead of multiple comments across a vast platform.

Lemme know how it goes!

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