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17 April 2012



Truly, if it wasn't for the grandchildren, we might have to leave the US. In the UK they give birth control no questions asked to anyone who wants it. How very sensible.
Of course men have always been terrified of powerful women --as well thy should be.
Beautiful photos though!


Do you feed the silly bugger or send him packing? :)


Thanks Tara for speaking up. What I believe we have are the old, white politicians that can feel their power slipping away and they will do anything to hold on. Sadly (and this is what infuriates me) there are too many in our country that won't think for themselves and follow along blindly. In my older age I am feeling the need (just not sure how yet) to be more of an activist for issues such as women's rights. There are so many issues at hand right now from women's rights to global warming and education and health care.

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