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22 July 2012



As you might imagine, we were glued to the set during the Tour and today during work I was sneaking in a stream of Wiggins' time trial refraining from a large "Whoop!" I do think we have the better view on telly, but I'm sure the energy would be quite amazing!


An interesting thought! Near us, Vancouver BC hosted the winter Olympics and had to have snow trucked in due to unseasonably warm weather, we all wondered how much that cost. But I imagine the cost of hosting such an event is spectacular and daunting...and Paris is always full of visitors anyway. :)


I can't even imagine the expense and disruption of putting something like the Olympics on. How exciting though for the Brits for sure to have a winner there. I have often thought it would be so fun to be there in person to watch the bicycles flying by.


I wondered if you've seen this piece from the NY Times on Londoners' response to hosting the Olympics
Funny and so true!


Will you travel to London to see any if it, Tara?
Hope you are well! Will connect by email this week.
Miss you!

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