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26 July 2012



Congratulations! New furniture always makes me smile! I know it will look perfect in your space. How wonderful to see it pull together just as you like.

And Mitt... I thought we just got rid of an idiot president with little tact and fewer brains. Is this the best we can do?

(Lovely web!)


Love your title, darling. Well played.


Romney's disparaging and ignorant remarks in Britain could have been written for the hapless vice-president in Armando Iannucci's satirical 'Veep'. They would be funny if he weren't so frighteningly close to a real presidency.

Rick Peerboom

I agree with what you say about Mr. Romney but the same can be said of President Obama. He bought a very pricey property via his association with Resko; she got a fab job at the hospital and the hospital got a huge government grant; they travel and spend money like nouveau riche; he has everything sealed from public scrutiny; and, he now says you don't do anything yourself only because of others - well, you can fill a mind with everything imagineable but that mind must USE that knowledge, so you DO create things yourself - you can't always let someone else pay your way. My Dad was a life-long Democrat and built a great business through hard work, honesty, and treating people with respect. THAT enabled him to hire others and provide them and theirs with a living.Sadly the Democratic Party now no longer represents the worker but the ENTITLED (Social Security exempted!)We need a change of direction, if only to keep falling off the edge! PS Growing up in the country We always loved to see the spider webs like these. So delicate and beautiful and sometimes appearing overnight in a doorway. Amazing!


Your web photos are most lovely. Beautiful, thanks. As for the erstwhile presidential candidate and his wife, they seem to show 'we the people' that for some, ignorance really is bliss, but they might want to heed Sir Walter Scott: "Oh, what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive." (The spider for president!)


Mitt Romney in office scares me tremendously! Thanks for the links.

Your coffee table is just perfect. I also love the rainbow effect in the spider web. Nice photo.

Ally Bean

Some days I wish I were a Romney so that I, too, could get by in life by not knowing anything about the things that I've done or the things that I'm involved with. Maybe that is what being wealthy is all about. It's the freedom to just ignore/deny reality when one so chooses. And the ability to buy very nice things, of course.

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