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24 April 2013




Mary H.

Well played, Tara! Congrats. Please know your efforts are appreciated by many.


Bravo, Tara. That is indeed good news. And this is a wonderful photo with this post.

Lisa, a.k.a. The Bold Soul

Congratulations! It must feel really good to have won this battle to protect your rights. I think that in most of these cases, as with regular individuals using Pinterest, they don't understand that they ARE violating someone's intellectual property; to them, they're just "sharing" something they liked, they think we should be flattered by that, and "what's the harm"? It's not being done with malicious intent, even though technically it's still wrong. So ok then - but for a big company like Nikken to do it and to profit from it, at your expense? SO unacceptable! Good for you!


Congratulations! You can be very proud of yourself.


Yay, glad to hear of a successful conclusion! W00T!

Michelle French

Congrats Tara!



And I love the mural photo. Watermarks are a necessary evil these days...and your name on your photo doesn't take way from your work to me at all.

Deborah Smith

Congratulations! It will take people standing up to improve copyright protection. Bravo.

Sylvie Mulcahey (Albina Rose)

I cannot tell you how happy for you I am, Tara with this outcome! As you said, it is an ongoing battle. But as long as there are people willing to fight the good fight for the long haul, every little win, eventually adds up to one big win. Thank you for not giving up on this. It will help others experiencing the same and hopefully educate more people on this subject.

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