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09 September 2013


Linda Sullivan

Sorry for this and your stolen pictures. You deserve better.

Linda Sullivan

Months of sadness, your photos pirated and Etsy.
Not fair.


so eloquently phrased - I was one of the sellers posting in that 12,000+ thread. In all my years on Etsy (5+) I have not seen such a strong reaction to any of their unannounced, half-baked changes. This is abysmal. And since it is all about customer service and what is expected from a seller, Etsy itself is just getting around to provide phone service for their customers, the sellers. They handle vast financial transactions on a daily basis and yet have no direct customer support phone lines. Last time I contacted them for support it took over a week to get a response.

I am leaving Etsy too, had enough - my views, sales and buyer inquiries have dropped drastically over the last month or so (they had ongoing major changes all this time). I always end up spending days urgently and immediately tweaking my listings even in the middle of a very busy production schedule after every major roll-out they spring on us unannounced, just to be protected and compliant with their new policies and to be seen with the listings I already paid them for. I just want to sell, not reinvent the wheel every few months and I really do not have the time to make unexpected major changes to hundreds of listings every few months.

cindi sue

wow glad i caught this thread so i could read your post. you expressed it so perfectly. thank you for that. gives me lots to think over. i wish you the very best in future endeavors.
cindi sue


Have to agree...a most unnecessary, impersonal change that further waters down the brand. (The number of copycats and importers of mass-made goods is amazing and overwhelming!)

Have a similar situation with Flickr which made an "improvement" that now makes it nearly unusable. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is more relevant now than ever but nobody is listening...

Lisa, a.k.a. The Bold Soul

Well, I hadn't heard about this change from Etsy (I'm not a seller but I know others who are, including you) and I am not at all surprised you've decided to close, if THIS is the sort of business they are intent on running. I worked in a corporate I.T. setting for many years and if WE had ever tried pushing unannounced system changes through without even consulting our customer base, we'd have all been fired on the spot. So it always astonishes me, in the current Internet environment, how many companies do exactly that. (And Facebook, yes, we're looking at you, too.) Sorry about your shop and I hope you find a suitable replacement before too long!

Anne Oliver

Yes this certainly hits the nail on the head. I also think they are targeting sellers who speak up, I got a notice today saying that many items in my shop do not meet their vintage criteria. Well, that is absolutely not true. Funny I am targeted when they let all the resalers run wild on the site despite being reported over and over again.

In the past I had one item removed, they claimed it was recalled, it was not and many other sellers had the same item listed, a version that was recalled. I reported and reported, they did not take any of them down.

Very, petty actions on the part of their management, not to mention that they are muting people for speaking their options and have now buried the thread with all the complaints about the new feedback joke of a system. It seems that the Etsy team that comes up with site changes has their heads buried in the sand and does not relate to the real world.

Tara Bradford

Carole, thank you. It is very disappointing that Etsy has chosen a path so foreign to its original concept.

Tara Bradford

Marilyn, I haven't looked at other shops yet, although I hear that Zibbet and Tictail are good alternatives. Many former Etsy sellers are hosting their own website shops.

Tara Bradford

Hi Anjie - I still buy things from my fave shops on Etsy - no reason for sellers to be penalized for Etsy's bad management decisions. But if the sellers move their shops elsewhere, I'll follow. I haven't used the other similar sites yet, although I plan to explore them soon.


I am on etsy, but haven't been aware of the issues as I don't monitor much. I will say most of my orders come from my website and not etsy and have debated with myself if it was worth it or not. Think I will let it expire after reading your post. Thanks! See Nic mention Zibbet. Haven't heard of it. What suggestions do you have?

anjie joon

very sad to hear about this ~ i've had great experiences buying on etsy in the past. i truly hate it when e-shops & blogs get overrun by the commercial/financial magnet that degrades what they once were. do you have any recommendation for an alternative place to purchase handmade products {like the etsy of yesteryear} ??

Carole Mayne

Eloquently worded on the sad state of affairs of Etsy. I am sorry to see them go the way of Ebay and big boxor big brother thinking. Apparently making 20 cents off every one of the 80,000+ items they list isn't making them enough money. How totally sad. Thank you for alerting us. I closed my store, temporarily, a few months ago, and will make it permanent.


Dear Tara! I couldn't find a way to email you, so me voilà! I would love to catch up with you. It's been way too long. Since you moderate your comments, you will see this, I know. Email me at lmfrankstone@gmail, please and let's reconnect.


I've never used Etsy -- I don't think I've ever bought anything there. Glad I didn't get hooked! Or start selling...


Yep. Moving to Zibbet.

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