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20 January 2014



I sit here in the bedroom I shared with my sister as a child in Alabama. It is a very long way from the life I loved in London. I struggle to continue my practice and establish new business that will benefit the sad economy that surrounds me. Wealth is a stranger to this area of the world. My cousin was fired from her job, a rather dreary one made only attractive by the health insurance, because she has a chronically ill child. Because of this, she can't find a job. Yet I watch as the family still spouts their conservative crud. The entire regions continues to embrace and vote for the attitudes that keep them poor.


This is very powerful and important, Tara. Thanks for sharing it. Morris Dees really is a remarkable person to do his work and do it so well.


Oh yes, this is so true and so very sad at the heartlessness of the wealthy. Each time I am reminded, it just scares me. I feel so helpless and so appreciate you sharing words to educate others.

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