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15 June 2006



Beautiful, just beautiful - I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your poem and how much I learned from it. I am going to have to send a link to my friend who has just returned from Spain - I am sure she will love it!

Kristen Robinson

Absolutely fantastic Tara so lovely and poignant!

My Best-


Keep collecting those tiles if it inspires such wonderful poetic tales! Thanks for sharing both.


I love the poem, and the tile is beautiful. I'd like to see more of your collection.


This poem is like an overflowing treasure.....your writing is so great. I am in awe....


Beautiful ceramic! You're talented!


Hi Tara,
A poem so rich, reflective with a great sense of history, full of imagination, rythm and accompnied with such a fine picture...its a wondrous treat..its simply great!And i love it!


thank you for your comment! the poem is about my bad dream last night. i did earthquake poem a few weeks ago.

you have a nice blog. i like your 'treasure' from flea market and your art experience. interesting!

if you would like to read my indonesian art experience, please check nice day!

Pam Aries

Your poem made me Feel Seville! I wonder what is happening in Paris at this moment! it is morning here in Charleston, SC and kinda warm! I see that you are from the South! I so enjoy visiting your site! Pam Aries


great poem..i always believed that the each small detail had a big story behind...this piece of art tells me the stories of middle east ,, nature
nice article


These walls do talk. I love what this tile says. Beautiful.


Wonderful poem.

After I read it, I showed this post to my wife and we both had a big laugh, mostly because we have a vivid memory of our trip to Seville a few years back. We bought a beautiful antique wood table with Jewish-Arabic gold inlay symbols. We paid more than we would ever did for anything before, and we had it delivered to California. Of course, it ended up being a fake. But we still love it.

Want to trade your tiles for our table?


"If Tiles Could Talk" -- what a great poem.

My favorite line:

Still I survived, my face bearing witness to history:


You've hit the nail on the head, again!
Wonderful poem. Still not quite sure how you manage to do it on such a regular basis. :)


wow, this is quite a city scene you have painted! so rich.

C. Delia

Ah...this one I read more than once and am still finding new things packed in each time. The flamenco and the scuff marks burst from the screen for me.


How wonderful that a tile can inspire such great poetry! Your pictures and writings are so vivid and rich. Thanks for sharing!


Sevilla is a special place for me, and you and your tile...captured it, perfectly. Thanks for taking me there, I could hear the shoes clicking and smell the orange blossoms!


You really think about and love your pieces. Your words bring that small bit of tile alive and makes me want to touch it. I sooo get it!



I don't always comments...I just wanted to tell you how much I like all your cool photos and facts you share. Thanks. (I saw you commented too on Rebecka's blog. I feel sad that someone is leaving this community and I want to reach out to those who have touched me...I am thinking about a post on it. I am really effected by what happened to her.)


loved all of it..especially the scuff marks...


Love it ... I had similar thoughts whenever I wandered in Topkapi Palace, Istanbul ... you captured so much of it here.


I want to linger over each line - but alas! Work calls me, too - so I must come back later tonight and savor all this rich and colorful imagery some more...Lovely, Tara, simply lovely!


This is sooooo good :-)

What a wonderful piece of poetic fabric intricately embroidered with history and flirtation and all of the things that make life full...even the 'life' of a tile. Thank you so much!


Sevilla, amo el trozo de tierra que tu eres...

A rich and evocative poem. thank you!


Wow, this poem is like a rich story! So vivid with things to "see", you know? Nice job.

Also, I swear I am not just saying this, but I totally smiled when you said you had a tile collection, because I LOVE tiles as art! I would like to paint my own tile, and use them in my home, someday when we have our own house!They are like little sqares of potential.I love what they add to a home. How cool that you have a collection. Will you show some more, please? I would love to see them.



mmmmmmmmmmmmm! delicious! ohhh! if objects could talk....hapyly we have you!


I'm really loving when PT participants write their own poems. This one is great - I'm going to come back tonight and read it again when I'm not in a hurry to get to work...


I too scrolled down midway bc I wanted to see if you had written this... and yes indeedy you had..
wow ! Is your book going to be a book of poems and photos ? Or a novel ? Or short articles ? or I know... how about 3 books !!!

ally bean

"... my face bearing witness to history:
songs of conquerors, adventurers, discoverers and zealots;"

love that phrase-- it summarizes all history of all times so well.

the tile is so interesting, too.

Paris Parfait

Thank you Susan, for the honour of the beautiful Haiku!


I read about the first 10 lines and said to myself, "wow...i bet she wrote this!" scrolled down and sure enough :-) facinating knowledge adorned by true just doesn't get any better now does it?!
which is why i shouldn't do this but i have a rebuttal...yes, a rebuttal :-)
as much as i love the language and the whole structure of the poem, i must disagree with the premise that the beauty "faded by time's passage" follows:

(oh and i stole a line..hope that's okay)

Ode to Tara's Tile

tales of seville
enhance, and cannot plunder
your timeless beauty


How I love to wake up to a lovely poem! That tile would fit perfectly in my garden! Pack it up and send it over!:)


'my beautiful image faded by time's passage....' wow.


Your poem is of a serious nature I know- but it reminded me of something quirky someone said to me once. It might be a famous quote but the person didn't say that- she said to me- when your face shows the life you've lived you need a good editor.

I thought it was the oddest thing, and you know my fascination with photoshop? All I could think about was photoshopping wrinkles out of peoples faces... OK- sorry, this is an unrelated tangent. It was the line: "My face bearing witness to history" that caused it.


This is rich and vivid. Fantastic!

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