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12 August 2006



Very lovely poem. It is both well constructed and nicely uplifting. I loved the painting you posted as well. Cheers :)

Britt-Arnhild Lindland

I've been away for such a long time, keeping up my blogging, but not with extra time or possibilities to read other blogs. But today is lazy Sunday, I am out in the garden with books, notebooks, pen, paper and laptop and time to read your blog. Wow, I have missed alot here. This poem will go into my diary. I love it.


Beautiful post. Loved reading the poem.


Great blog!!

very good text, congrats.

my best


Love the words and the pic!


Tara, Oh my gosh, thank you! Such richness you already have in your life, yet such beautiful goals you are still striving (successfully) toward. This entire post is inspiring beyond words including the amazing art work.
The lines I found most wonderful and poignant were: "develop strength & self-esteem in an increasingly fragile world," "fill ravaged hearts with hope," & "victims of an unbalanced world." You really do have your finger on the pulse of our world. Thank you for sharing that talent and treasure so well, enriching us all.


I love this poem. I think I can do those things too!

Great job!

Kristen Robinson

Tara as always you inspire beyond words! Safe trip to you!


You can and sounds like you are!

Enjoy your trip!

P.S. Simple phrase, but my favorite line:
"Right some wrongs..."

Laura Young

Yes, Tara. Yes to all of it.
When I started to pick up my camera again a funny thing happened. People started sending me photos they had taken of their own surroundings. Maybe if we can all get each other to look with clearer eyes.
We can still do that.
Starting with this question...what can I still do? I can still see the beauty. It's worth seeing. It's worth showing. It's worth working for.
Margaret Wheatley once said at a conference I attended,(I'm paraphrasing here: "I can't afford to have hope anymore. It is too hard for me if I attach to the outcome. But I can still ask myself, is this the right work? That's the only question that interests me now. Is this the right work? I can't worry about whether or not it will succeed."


Sounds like you're already living it. Beautiful, graceful, compassionate words.

Kim G.

Tara - what a wonderful expression of your heart. I love that you start it with your writing - that really does touch so many people and you have such wisdom and sensitivity to impart.


What a beautiful, hopeful poem. Really inspiring!


beautiful words and I absolutely love the painting. I want one!

Hundred and one

This is so beautiful Paris! How do you find the words ...


Being older and amazed I am the age I am, I sometimes feel like my time is running out. I have so much I want to see and do while I still can get around, while I still have the energy and "want to". My father, when I invited him to come see me here in France, said, "No, I don't think so. I don't need any new memories." Can you believe that? I was shocked. I don't want a small life. I want one that keeps expanding, full of new ideas and places.

Ali la Loca

Once again, beautiful poem Tara. I think you must be a fabulous role model for your daughter.


Sing songs of possibilities..pry some minds open...right some wrongs!!!! YOU ROCK!!!EVERY SINGLE TIME!!


it's good to hear that you are happy with the life you have. It is good to hear that you are still dreaming of other desires to become a reality.
and no doubt they will, knowing you!
here's to the gift of life!


tara, I have read this at least a dozen times* and each time it means more??? Great writing and I love the idea that no matter what YOU CAN STILL! thanks for everything! xo


You might be one of the few women I know who DOESN'T want her life to change very drastically...which means your life must be very, very good. And good for you for creating it that way! Lovely, lovely poem.


What a map there is laid out before you, a rich life and joy winding together. I love the wisdom in this piece.


Tara with the words you write
YOU DO make a difference in this fragile world!This post defines the VALUABLE TREASURE
WOMAN YOU ARE!!(You are so generous with your comments when visiting my blog thank you!)


I am late to Sunday Scribblings this week, but I'm glad I stopped by to read this one


i feel your clarity and truth in this poem and i love the line "sing songs of possibility" it makes me ::smile:: and think about how i can do this also.


Absolutely love the poem. It is so right on! I believe you already do those things.


so beautiful
reading your poem is like sipping a cup of tea, blissful


I adore this poem. For the content and the wonderful talent you have with words! I will read it many many times.

As for the house in Seville, you realize I will be knocking at your door!! (I can dance flamenco for my supper).



>I can face time's passage,
with humour and grace<. . .

I especially liked these lines out of a collection of truly great verses.


Yes to everything you wrote. I've spent a good part of this morning reading through your entire blog. It's so full of passion and pleaure, a la fois.
Yes to all future parfaits, too! (And I'm sketching in my mind this morning, too, the latest roadmap for MY 21 year old daughter.)


Very nice, thanks for incorporating some poetry into the Sunday Scribblings thing for those of us who have too short an attention span for anything else.


thank you for your kind comments about my first sunday scribbling.

i can feel your hope and honor through every word of this poem. this is such a troubled time. putting out words like this really matters.

ps i love paris, having been there just once two years ago. what is it like to live there?

tongue in cheek

This is beautiful, written soulful and with clarity, you writting is an artform, thank you for sharing your poem, it is an example of your talent, one that you freely share. Thank you Tara for encourgaing many to write and for giving a voice to those who cannot.


The spare wording implies success in reaching these goals. There is a dedication and drive present showing intention and completion.

Well said!


Lovely, Tara. It's really nice to read the ambitions of a person who so obviously loves her life and has chosen the right path and wants to continue on it.


Applause - yes you are all those things!

Daisy Lupin

Wonderful poem, brilliant sentiments, thankful for your life yet, still trying to change life for the better for others. What else can I say but excellent.



You and I are very similar, I suspect. I have no doubt that you strive every day to live up to these goals.

Thanks for this post, Tara.


I love to read your words Tara. Always inspiring and uplifting, I know I'll 'walk' away with something after visiting here, you never disappoint.


Beautiful and perfect in so many ways!!
and I love your choice of painting!


Wow! When we are happy with where we are, we can still be the person who is grateful and gracious. Beautiful!


I agree with chiefbiscuit that was my favorite part too - what I would like to do for every girl in the world!! Beautiful poem!!!


How I wish I could paint and write as wonderfully as the two pieces you posted ...

Love them both. Yummy Sunday breakfast for my soul.


This is beautiful - esp:
I can still sketch maps
for my daughter, guiding her
along the way
and help future grandchildren
develop strength and self-esteem,
in an increasingly fragile world.


lovely Tara - my post on this subject confuse even me! love yours though, xo


How I wish I could paint and write as beautiful as these two amazing pieces...


This was an inspiring read to start my day.


this was wonderful. Your words alone will make a difference.


And you do this every single day...thank you so much...I loved this!


You are a force, Tara, and your words carry that force to whomever reads them. In the past months, you have shown such grace and constancy - in your vivid, poignant proclamations, and in your personal revelations. This is yet another example. Thank you.

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