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30 August 2006


Scott any point, prior to risking life and limb or to go through the dreaded late night move, was there consideration of shutting the drapes and putting an extra bed spread over the drapes....just to get through the night?

Well, if I find myself in Oxford, I guess it's the Randolph for me....or a Motel 6 would be good too. I don't think they have blinking lights!


We have some security lights that are activated by motion. If I forget to close the shutter, the light comes on at least once a night and wakes me up. I'm sure it is the darn cat from up above us. Anyway, I know how annoying a light at night can be.


That is horrible. Neglect, stupidity, and ignorance.
Yes, stay at a new hotel next visit.


PS You should write a letter to someone. I know you're good at that, you write so eloquently (I can't even spell it!).


Geesh. Not too swift. You say you were in England and sure it wasn't France??? hehe. Sorry, smack!


Good Lord! Poor shocked man and shame on the woman who wasn't sympathetic. Bad karma you know?
BTW, in my next life I'm SO going to be on a rowing team. I missed my sport.


I love how those boats glide, it's beautiful to see them in person. The Randolf is a better option than returning there...geesh!


Hello Tara! how much post do you wrote to day? Three, isn't it so hard for you? I like your post on "rowing in Oxford" I can imagine how it was an adventure to sleep in this hotel.
Lot of kisses


oooh love the new banner.... and LOVE the
rowing pictures... ahhhhhhhh... the hotel story
is just a character study isnt it ??? arent people
funny sometimes ??? :)


I don't know what it is about rowing pictures, but everytime I see one I end up feeling so relaxed and hear music.

Can't believe that clerk, nor the concierge. My first thought was to remove the lightbulb. Clearly that was not as easy as it seemed. Glad the night porter, and the only hotel employee worth anything in this scenario, is alright.


Just unbelievable, the attitude of that hotel receptionist! Not to mention the shoddy customer service the whole time you were there. I'm sorry that happened to you---and to the poor night porter. I hope next visit will be more pleasant.


It sounds a little like Fawlty Towers ...

It was odd to read of Oxford and Christchurch as back home in New Zealand we have a region called Canterbury where the city is Christchurch, there's a river Avon and my Aunt lives in a small town not too far away called Oxford.

Ahhh those colonialists ... they might have moved round the world but they attempted to take what they knew with them.


The one sentence that makes me see red is: There's nothing we can do.
Of course there is. There's always something they can do.

I like your new look!



My dad used to go punting when he
was at Oxford.
I love these pix!


I would've loved to see the rowing. A kayaker myself, I'm fasinated watching skilled athletes perform.

Aside from your sleep deprevation, those gliches in our travels make for great story telling.
And you are a master at telling the tale ;-)

Fortunately tragedy was averted.. snotty desk clerks can make a person want to scream in exasperation.

Love the pics, thanks for sharing.


oh - and I am loving your little bits of England !


I love watching rowing, they are all so co-ordinated. No way I could do that - I don't have the co-ordination gene.
I get really annoyed with hotels who charge the earth and you don't get the service you expect.

ally bean

fiat lux-- not! what a story. i'd avoid that hotel in the future no matter how interesting it is to stay there.

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