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  • "A poet's work is to name the unnameable; to point at frauds; to take sides; start arguments; shape the world and stop it from going to sleep." - Salman Rushdie


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01 September 2006



This was wonderful - and so very true.

Love the new photo in the header! (Sorry if the compliment is late - the 'chick's been out of commision for a little bit.)


What a nice thing to have pop into your head. :) I like this, the way it draws me to consider what I can do with life instead of what it does with me.

Kim G.

I love the last paragraph, especially this line:
"fate's messages too important to arrive in a fortune cookie"

Well done!


...beautiful! xo


...beautiful! xo


Love this! And I, too, love your new banner.


Great artwork and even better poetry.

Oh, and I love the new banner!


"The life less ordinary." The first, best choice. What a great poem, and extraordinary painting!

I've been frustrated in my attempts to post my Scribblings this week (moving to blogger beta means not being able to post comments on the regular blogger sites), but it's up there:


Great post! I love the part about fortune and disaster being two sides of the same coin. Something to ponder!


excellent post, great poem and awesome artwork. thanks


excellent post, great poem and awesome artwork. thanks


Such a treat for SS :) A beautifully written poem with another great message to live by. Thanks Tara! We don't need no stinkin fortune cookies. LOL


i am going to put this on my board -
it is so wonderful and rings of
"Choosing a life less ordinary"

that is EXACTLY what i design. (desire)


What a philosophy, so well-put! Thank you. And the image is absolutely absorbing, too.


Great post and poem...And I love the new banner, too. Thanks for visiting my blog yet again :)


Tara...when you assemble your memoirs (the ones you are writing/blogging all along), I think the summarizing title should be the brilliant (yet simply stated) last line of your poem:

Choosing a Life Less Ordinary Life

or better still...

A Less Ordinary Life

C'est parfait, n'est pas?
(p.s. wonderful poem...but then you've already heard that 30-something times :-)

tongue in cheek

Good take on the fortune cookie, and whipping up a poem to boot! Only you Tara could pull such a feat!

tongue in cheek

Good take on the fortune cookie, and whipping up a poem to boot! Only you Tara could pull such a feat!


Well, well....the literary one has now penned herself a poem that is the template for the next great self-help novel. I love it. All you need to do is throw a chapter behind each one of these lines and the book is done.

When can I look forward to reading the tome from the poem?

Smiles, Tara.

liz elayne

fantastic. you are simply fantastic girl.

love it.


Lovely thoughts and painting, as always. I agree that we have a big part to play in how our lives unfold, but we're not everything--- and for me part of that everything IS a mystery.


"Persistence is required;
no other special skills needed;
no big mysteries to solve."

I need to get this tattooed somewhere and keep it handy. :)

GREAT poem and wonderful take on the prompt. I so love your poetry.


I think poetry is your true calling. Spare truth. I love it. How often a fortune cookie or soothsayer spells out a direction and, so anxious for directives, we purpose to make it come true. It's like it grabs one of the swirling possibilities and solidifies its import - so we turn in that direction and walk forward resolutely.


I love the new banner - and this poem!
Have a lovely weekend, Tara.


Excellent poem!
Flip sides of the same coin - love that section!


Again, you have such masterful insight. You are very savvy.
Life experiences have taught you many lessons and you apply them with common sense to every day life.

So struck with it's simplicity, After many readings, I finally printed it. I'll carry it with me to refer to when I get discouraged.

Hundred and one

How do you do it??? Lovely, as usual. Hey, you've switched your template around or are my eyes deceiving me?


Lovely. (And true.)

Chelle Y.

Where do you get those beautiful pictures and poems? They are great!


"The trick is to understand one's assets
and focus on the strengths:
within lies the key to success."

I think you're on to something here. Even a fortune cookie can come true when we believe in ourselves. ;)

The Bold Soul

Brilliant, just beautiful. And that goes for your new blog banner, too!


Yes, persistence is required, but there's always room for serendipity. I think of a quote "the harder I work, the luckier I get". But sadly persistence and hard work can't always protect you from earthquakes, tsunamis or warmongers.
Not so early here, it's Saturday already. I'll be posting mine later today or maybe very early Sunday morning as I'm at a poetry workshop all day Sunday


Tara...Such lovely words and art. You always amaze me with your depth and awareness.


Ah, she does it again. So beautifully written, with layer upon layer of delicious depth.

I, too, like "Persistence is required; no other special skills needed" - we can open doors with our own hands, we don't need to wait for a fortune cookie to tell us which ones.

Thank you, Kerstin


oh the lovely way you string words together
just amazes me... I love to read your poems...
and persistance is a mantra of mine... love this
thank you again and again Tara !


ooohhh...I like this, self-determination and the choice to creat a life that is beyond the ordinary ... of course, there is still a little room for magical opportunities ... the key is to choose to look for them & act upon them when you find them (or they find you!) lovely, tara.


What an absolutely dreamy painting and perfect poem. I love the part about understanding one's assets and focusing on the strengths. And I think that if we all focus on the strengths of others, as well, we'd all have a life less ordinary. Great post!


I love the painting...always my favorite style..layer upon layer. As for the poem...I think it's perfect. I love the line about persistence and a life less ordinary. People want to forget about the value of hard work some times. Hard work with no payoffs...working in faith. I do think some are blessed with good timing...but luck, I agree wholeheartedly, shines mostly on those prepared to receive it. hey early bird, you sure got (and earned ) this worm!


"Persistence is required" is a great line!! So true. And even though I wouldn't WANT fortune to be dictated by cookies, I really like the idea of it in a weird way. It's a good premise for a story!


ooh! I am jumping up and down, clapping! I am so glad you went with your heart. this is perfect! can I print it out for my journal? I could read this every day xox


Yes, yes, yes...persistence is the one that matters most! You got it right, it should be revered like a religion...just keep trying to make your dreams come true, and eventually they will....I love that painting, too beautiful for words.


Fabulous phrases! Dreamy words to go along with the painting.
Never disappointing are your wonderful wise words.
Love and good fortune to you!


What can I say Tara? Lovely scrumptious words! You are a woman after my own heart (I mean that;-))

I am a great believer of 'every disaster is an opportunity'.

Bonne weekend! Nx

Britt-Arnhild Lindland

Important words. I'll think more about them.


"The trick is to understand one's assets
and focus on the strengths:
within lies the key to success.
Persistence is required;
no other special skills needed;
no big mysteries to solve."

My dear, you have probably just written the master plan for happiness and success. Can we make copies and pass one out to everyone in the whole world???


Great job with this Scribble, and going with your heart. I like the poem! And I love this painting! So pretty, and dream like...



Right on the money! I couldn't have said it better myself.



I wanted to say something like this, but so glad I decided to take a different angle, as you put it so much better than I ever could. I couldn't agree more with the sentiment. We are not at the mercy of what may or may not be written in the stars or in a fortune cookie, we have destiny within our own hands within the limits of the strengths and weakness of who we are. Love this post!


Lovely painting and your words are like a fortune themselves. I loved this Tara.


Hello Tara!
This oil painting's marvellous. I like it very much. Your poem is really true. Thanks a lot.
I ve visiting your flat, where do you live in Paris? Its look like uou loved antiques and brocantes. Do you like making "pate à sel" I like it when christmas came, it's colder and smelling bred, hot oven, and creation it's real pleasure.
Have nice WE Tara.

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