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08 October 2006



Wow, great anecdote! Reading about your Spanish adventures is JUST the antidote I needed this morning. Thanks. :)


Tara, Your posts, your adventures are always so delightful. Thank you for allowing us to live them vicariously through your excellent writing.


What a great story! I love your chutzpah!


What a wonderful synchronicity - reading about the master craftsman in two different places and then walking in to his studio and actually meeting him - Kismet. What an adventure you are on my dear!


I bet he did think you were going to interview him, or something. Poor Tara! But cool pics. Too bad you didn't snap a picture of him, LOL! ;)



P.S. It occurred to me that since you told Campos you were a periodista, may be thought you expected to interview him....without an appointment. It happens when language is a problem!!


I was wondering when you would get to the tiles!! It's a wonderful story.

I'm struck by the number of Arabic names -- which of course is normal since it's full of Moorish traces (i.e., Algeciras = al Jazeera).

I'm having a wonderful time experiencing Sevilla vicariously through you.





What a wonderful and informative post. The tilemaker really comes across as a character. But what made this post most memorable to me was YOU and the way, you didn't take his rudeness personally, or allow it to dampen your enthusiasm for his work.


well, your Spanish is obviously coming along, Tara! You have the good reporter's (of course, since you are one!) curiosity and tenacity to get IN there and rummage and peek and ask and then come home and write about it all. So glad you did.


What lovely tiles ... and an amazing little story to go with them. You'll remember it always!


How cool is that? One never knows what one will stumble across if one is out looking! I love the previous photos too.......good for you to be alert, awake and aware to absorb all that Seville has to offer you.


wonderful photos for years I thought about trying my hand at making tiles but, I never have


What perfect photos!!
did you get a T for Tara?



Love it when life gives you these wonderful little surprises! Thanks for sharing!


Delightful observations... even if your subject was a bit gruff when interrupted.

I would love to see some of Senor Campos work.




How fortuitous! So many adventures and characters you're meeting- it's great fun sharing them from afar :)


Sounds sexy, at least until the language difficulty kicks in! I'm glad you got to complete your tile journey.


These little encounters are what makes travel so wonderful. And you are so brave to be out there and living life.


That tiled sign is beautiful - yellow is one of my favourite colours (along with blue - and green, and scarlet, and purple, and...)
It sounds like a great adventure.


I envy your confidence, Tara. I wish I could carry something like that off with half the aplomb that you did!


My goodness Tara, what a fantabulous example of serendipity. (Do they have a lottery in Spain? If yes, surely you purchased a ticket?) You are proof that everyday truly is an adventure. Your pictures together with your words tell a wonderful story.
I think there is more than one master craftsman at work here. ;-)


very cool tiles. me want!


Don't you just love serendipity?

Wonderful post. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your adventures.

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