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02 October 2006



How amazing to be sitting in the middle of a bullring! The stories of the locals are priceless...keep 'em coming, please!


Tara, thank you so much for posting from Seville, about Seville. I haven't been checking your blog because I didn't think you would be able to post for a while. I was so excited to see that you are - I am simply enjoying hearing about your Spanish lessons and life in Seville -it really is quite a treat for me, thanks!


Sounds like the beauty of Spain is shining brighter :) XXOO


all I can say is that it's like being there with you. Your detail in writing about where you are and what the class is like is like a daily travel program. I LOVE it! From the flea market gallery and the owner, to your class ALL in Spanish (eek) to the performance and the um, interestly dressed woman. ALL of it is so visual in your writing I can actually picture the things you don't show. I look forward to each day!


Have been surrounded by so many performers over the years, I can only say: now THAT's how you end a show! Being carried out on shoulders into the street! Love it! :)

Ali la Loca

Oh my, the idea of that mother in the animal print mini reminds me of so many older women in Brasil. She must have been quite the piece of work.

The performance sounds great, and how nice to meet up with a fellow American in the middle of the arena!

I took flamenco in college and loved it. The Uni of New Mexico is the only place in the US where an accredited degree program in flamenco is offered. I just did a couple of classes, but it was so much fun. I'd love to see how it is "for real" in Spain.


Tara, great visuals, I had to chuckle at the mother and daughter. A slight role reversal there I think. I bet you were amused. The cold shower thing would be totally frustrating. Glad things are starting to smooth out. We are starved for more....keep it coming.

Peace and giggles


What a wonderful description. I can't wait to see the photos of Cortes. That's what I would love about Sevilla, to be able to practise my footwork and no one would be disturbed by it!!!


What a wonderful description of the evening! Thank you for letting us (your readers) 'sit in' on it with you! The picture of the young people is so lovely too!


What an exciting performance that must have been! Can't wait to see the photos :)


thes photos of your trip are really great.
Joaquin Cortes, eh?

hope you are having the trip of a lifetime.


Ah, what a wonderful lilt to your voice. Your enthusiasm is infectious. I can't help but feel bouyed by your desciption of your visits.
You are a great ambasador!


I'm living vicariously through you and your time in Spain Tara!!


This sounds wonderful - thanks for sharing your experiences!


I'm adoring these posts from the road ... it's magical and I'm glad you're loving it.


You are really making the most out of your trip. I love that!


I'm so enjoying this adventure of yours! It sounds so wonderful. Wish I was there too!


Tara, I am having such fun reading about your trip. :)

That lady and her daughter remind me a little of my own mom and me, LOL! Not that my mom wouldn't talk to you. She would talk your ear off. But she might do it in a crazy mini skirt. *snort*


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