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16 November 2006



What a great day to be on a merry go round; the only one there - the smell of flowers and clean rain... sounds wonderful

(your typepad is being very stubborn and locking up - not allowing my comments concerning the photo of the wooden block; in which you asked what others would do with it... if it were mine I would use it on the wall; paint it something like a faux emerald green and then use gold paint - that actually had a gold shine to it; across the wall.... or I would paint assorted huge canvases with different backgrounds and create different color combinations with the block. What an excellent find!)


It's beautiful even in the rain...


I tried posting first but after 4 attempts I gave up ... I loved the roses, such a gift on a wet day in Paris.


Charming. Both the corousel and the roses. I love rainy weather :-)

ally bean

I see photos like yours and long for an urban existence. I live much too much with nature-- and often forget that things elsewhere are alive in different ways.


Thank you for sharing these lovely photos, Tara! They are just beautiful and offer us Americans little glimpses of a wonderful life in Paris.

Jutta Uhl

Hi dear Tara,
just to make you a little jalouse:
we have blue sky and sunshine in Budapest.
I am backing the first christmas cakes for a charity basar (and am thinking of Paris, which of course I will always love, eaven with a month filled up with rain...!). Love Jutta


Paris looks beautiful, even on a gray and rainy day! Thank you for sharing the carousel - I wonder if it's the only one in the world, dedicated to an author and his imagined worlds...


the caroussel is beautiful - i would have
hopped on - i love the vintage one
at central park new york with the hand
carved horses...

oh, i love a rainy day....


Even amidst the rain, the carousel if beautiful! And those flowers are breathtaking...

Oddly enough, it looks just like that here in Michigan today...grey and raining (alas, no carousel ;(


I love your photos ~ thank you.


oh my! look at those roses ! !


oh, i want to ride the submarine!!!

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

I love the buckets of roses - yummy! We had a few rainy, blustery days ... but now, today is a respite from the bad weather, with sun and cool, calm air.

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