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11 June 2007



Your site makes the Internet highway a joy to explore!

Di Overton

Keep those fingers crossed I can get there tomorrow. This stuff all looks amazing.

Southern Heart

I just trail right along behind you, through your photos! :)



Treasure troves.
Gorgeous as is everything you post.

anjie joon

oh i dream of getting to go to a place like this someday! just lovely.


My favorite is the seashell/starfish/coral/seasponge collection! Some day, when I have lots of space........



Love the sepia print! Can't wait to go sketch while you browse! (I may be forced to do a bit of browsing myself ;D.)


Beautiful photos of beautiful objects!

Back Porch Musings


I was there too! I wonder if we passed each other?

My Melange

I love it all!! Wrap it up! I especially love the bird prints and the mercury glass! And that chandelier is to die for...

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

This is absolutely fantastic!!!!
I want them all...


Lovely photos, but I love the last photo especially - the seashell still life makes me think of the beach and summer. xo


Just lovely! My favourite is the sea treasures display.


I always love your photos of antiques


Gorgeous, gorgeous! You always find the most AMAZING stuff to post.


Gorgeous, gorgeous! You always find the most AMAZING stuff to post.


especially love the mercury glass and the seashell display - interestingly in my flea market finds from yesterday (if you look closely) there are 2 scallop shells each with pearls - in this case real - my Mother-in-law's - just for textural fun - love all this Tara

xox - eb.


Yes! I'll take two of each LOL!


Glorious treasures, love this sort of thing!

ally bean

I'm drawn to the seashell motif photo. Love the arrangement of objects and the soothing colors. Very inspiring.


I love the green glass balls. What were they? just art, or do they have a use?



i could look at your pictures for at least an hour!!! very jealous that you are there, and i don't get to be there. thank you for sharing all the cool stuff that is there...

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