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29 August 2007



Why is it that I don't see a sign of a saddle?? The stirrups I see; but above that: only a blanket.
Are they riding essentially bareback???

Tara responds:
The saddles are covered by the thin blankets containing the race numbers of the horse. They are definitely wearing saddles!


Wow! Such great shots.....

Regina Clare Jane

I just loved these pictures- all of them and the previous ones as well. You are too talented, Tara dear! These just remind me of my favorite mystery writer, Dick Francis, and all his tales of murder and mystery at the races! Perhaps there was a little mystery going on in some of the photos and we don't even know it!
These are some of my favorite photos now, Tara. Thanks for sharing with all of us your lovely holiday- makes me ache for England again...


Oh my. God did not make a more beautiful animal, imo. I swear! I love horses.Look at the power! Your shots are wonderful.


Kristen Robinson

What wonderful photos and words I was on the edge of my seat!



Great shots of a day at the races Tara. I really got a kick out of the girlfriend of the jockey and the three hat ladies. :)


Lisa 'Oceandreamer' S.

These are the most amazing shots - I swear you could hear the starting bell, the sound of the hooves hitting the track, the crowd roaring. I love seeing the hats and finery in the previous set as well. A day at the races and I never even had to leave my home....nor place a bet!


Tara - these are wonderful shots and this was a great post!! Faith and I JUST watched "Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story" with Dakota Fanning and Kurt Russell (amongst others) yesterday. That movie always has me in tears. I didn't expect to love it. Faith gets up on the couch and cheers every time like she doesn't know who's going to win.

Gorgeous photos.


Great photos and feelings. I could almost hear them! My aunt and uncle would love this post, they are big horse fans.


I've been to York many times but never to the races. Your photos are great and it was just like being at the event.

mary ann

Here I sit in Minnesota and yet I was in York! Wonderful photos and interesting choices to shoot. Inspiring.
Thanks for the day 'out'.
Mary Ann


Great story, great pics! A fun post. More please.

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

Wonderful pictorial of the event. Congrats to the winners! JP


Wonderful pictures. One would think you are a the official photographer for this horse and owners. The turf is so lovely and green. Only in Britain could it grow quite like that. Racing on sod seems so much nicer than on dirt tracks.



splendid! shots Tara!


Superb pics of the race and those beautiful horses! Were you standing in the middle of the course?? :)

I love the people pics and their wonderful hats and outfits....

You set this up with the tension just right. Loved it Tara.

I feel like I've been to the races


the horses are beautiful..but, good god, look at those hats!! :)-


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant post!
Loved it.
You captured the feel perfectly.
And every picture is fantastic, with so much detail to look at.

oh - I just saw your other race post.
I like this one better!

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