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29 August 2007


tongue in cheek

Fantastic photos for these two posts about the Horseraces in York. Thanks for taking us along. Tara please show us your hat!!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

Okay, I know my focus should be on the horses. The race. After all, that is the whole point to this post. But, those HATS!
My wardrobe is definately lacking as of late. No hat for me. Alas, no races either. What a glamourous life you have Tara! Oh to be your shadow for a day.


What beautiful horses! I've always thought the custom of ladies wearing fancy hats at horse races was whimsically charming. I really enjoyed these photos! xo

My Melange

Love all the ladies dressed up in their hats! Did you have a funky hat on Tara?


This is all so...well, English! Great photos. I've never been to a horse race, and now I'm thinking I need to be there. Don't know if I could bring myself to wear the proper head gear, though.


What fantastic photos!! I am amazed by how good they are!! I love the size of your photos too, it's great being able to see so much detail in your photos! Just to let you know that when you left comments for me before , I don't know why but they used to end up sometimes in my bulk mail! Unfortunately due to spam problems, I've had to select the instant delete option on my email account (and also stop the anonymous comment option on my blog...)! So if you haven't heard from me, and you did leave me a message that'll be why!!Have a lovely weekend! x


Every time I come to your blog I am both inspired to learn to use my expensive camera properly and complete intimidated to try.

Both shots of McCririck are the kind of photos that would start your day off with a giggle.

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

Interesting feel for the event ... quite serious business for the most part ... except for McCririck, I see few smiles!


Tara, these photos are amazing! How ever did you get such great shots??

I could hear the thundering hooves and see the mud flying in the race photos.

And just imagine-getting all dressed up to go to the races! How fun!


Tara, that was GREAT! I loved them all, especially the close ups of the two jockeys....pre-race....finding their zone....finding their focus.


Karen Cole

You should be a journalist AND photographer....whoa...National Geographic could use you.


What lovely and amazing photos! Thank you so much for the entertaining post. I often read your blog and enjoy it greatly.

Eye candy galore this time... lovely hats, horses, and a peek into a fun and glamour filled event!


I've never been to York (only New York).
It is so lush, green and pretty.
Of course I bet you can gather I love the hats!
Did you where one?


I just love the hats at fine British occasions. There is something so quaint and proper about the whole thing.

And York is wonderful isn't it!

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