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04 September 2007


Merisi's Vienna

"O miserable abundance!" comes to mind, thinking of a full macaroon cart right in the middle of a botique that should have written large "No one over size 4 shall enter!" over the entrance anyway. ;-)


Great reading Tara, loved the pic too. :)


Love and hugs and smiles across the miles.
I love all that you share.
Love Jeanne ^j^


holy cow - i had no idea you had returned and look at all that I have missed!
I think older women buy younger styles because that is all there is to stay in fashion. who wants to go to the other side of the store and look at the oversized clothes that have remained in style for decades>
the guy in lavendar paint reminded me of going to sf this weekend and seeing a guy dipped in silver; standing on a box at pier 39 dancing to michael jackson

Pam Aries

Last year i was a size 4...uh I am not this year! I must have been standing next to the macaroon cart! Yikes! I have been halfheartedly trying to lose all this so I can get back to 4. That will take some time! waaaa!

The Bold Soul

Chuckling at the Ladurée cart -- how totally sadistic of them to put it there. I, too, continue to be dismayed at my lack of ability to buy anything here other than scarves and handbags (I bought several at Monoprix yesterday) because my zoftig curves don't fit the minute sizes here. It's like all of Paris is sized for "juniors" or Calista Flockhart. I even have trouble with the shoes as the average French woman's foot is ALSO clearly skinnier than my wide American pied.


Have fun with your daughter. And I think I too would struggle shopping in the Paris. Sigh ...


Alas, I am not very french after all these years here. I would have eaten the macaroon :)


Tara I love this photo .


Meant to tell you - the flower photo is lovely! xo
(and hang in there - I know what it is to shop with daughters - fun, but exhausting!)


I'm not sure I ever fit in a size 4, even when I WAS four! Especially without lunch, I think I might have been tempted to snag a macaroon - at least on the way out of the store, lol. xo

My Melange

Hmmm, that would be a tough choice. But seeing as I love Laduree macarons...and I certainly don't fit in a size 4....well you do the math ;)


You resisted macaroons!! Just think you could have had a feast with ~those skinnys~ staying clear!
Tsk tsk no sunblock...wait until they are closer to our age!The sins of youth come back to haunt!
Loved the flower image! Truly autumns gleam!! hugs NG


Tara, we NEED photos of those shoes and bags we just cannot have and the macaroons, well, words escape me but the desperation does not.... V xxx

Tara responds:
OK, Vida, will get some posted later this week! :)


Hi Tara, looks like Jordana is wearing out mom. LOL One Macaroon wouldn't hurt after all that! Great pic. XXOO

Tara responds:
We're having fun! But who could stop with just one macaroon? Better not to go there! :)


wonderful photos and catching up...missed you while i was gone...blessings, rebecca

A Fanciful Twist

Size 4 is the largest size? Holy Moley!!!! Sun, Cigarettes, wine... That is the life, as they say.. But is it?? That is the million dollar question.. Now, hand me one of those macaroons.. hee hee... xxxooo

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

Ah! Extra unwanted pounds that seem to attract macaroons. I too, suffer from this syndrome. I get frustrated shopping for clothes, everything is designed for 17 year olds with no hips!

Tara responds:

...which is why I buy only handbags and shoes in Paris - and the occasional scarf.

Mary T.

You guessed correctly with the vacuum and the rest of the story is on the blog.

I'm convinced that smoking and lounging in the sun without protection is just old looking, making. Yet, I have friends who are still in their 40's who look older than I do because of those things. Go figure!


Ooh I would love to have seen those shoesand handbags!!! And what willpower some people have resisting Laduree!! Not sure I have the self-discipline....


it looks like you had a great shopping day with jordana. the flowers à l'été indien look very beautiful in the last sun rays of paris summer.


Sounds like a wonderful day with Jordana! Her big girl "Mary Jane's" sound fabulous, so does the suede handbag. Now, about the macaroon dilemma. I would have had to embarrass you both if you had invited me along and helped myself to a few. ;-) o !! Sweets is where I would have to jump over the etiquette line, even the invisible Paris line!


What fun you must be having! I would be awfully depressed at clothing no larger than size 4 (espeically since I used to wear that size once upon a time!) But I would happily make up for it with the purses :)



In Paris I might expect only tiny sizes for tiny people, on my last trip there in 2006 women were the size of a popsicle stick. Sadly though - here in Canada, there are some stores that a size large won't fit me ( American size 8 )!! It can be depressing. I think I might have opted for the macarons.



I'm very happy you received your crown . I can' wait for your post about l'institut du monde arabe . it is one of my favorite spot in Paris . I love its architecture


Oh dear, I don't know whether to thank you or not for these wonderful images you present of Paris, shopping (exhausting or not) macarons, one of my favourite museums, gorgeous flowers by the Seine. . . Here I am on the wet Canadian West Coast heading back to classes. . . Would I rather be in Paris? Next spring's visit seems so far away.

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