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11 October 2007



where can i buy this gorgeous shoes?

Tara responds:
You can buy the shoes at any Chanel store, or they will order them for you.

Cécile de Quoide9

Are we supposed ti be able to WALK in those shoes ?
I think that if fashion designers were oblige to actually WEAR what they create they would suddenly have less imagination... ;o)

Kim H

oh oh oh oh oh I'm drooling!


Love the shoes! Makes me wish I could still wear heels, sigh. Still fun to look at, though. Thanks for the window shopping tour, Tara.~xox


I'll take the red dress! Very Coco. I'm not sure about the shoes though, they seem so very busy and over the top...Thanks for the tour! xox


Gorgeous shoes -- not sure I like the heel but don't hate it either. The strappiness has a hint of the 20s and 30s and I love that.
Thanks for the Chanel windows!!


oh,oh, oh! too beautiful!


great photographs


I stumbled upon your blog ... how lucky you are! I've always dreamed of living in Paris! The shops! The shopping! The cafe au lait! The language! Notre Dame! Ah well ... I will have to just visit your blog more often and live there vicariously!


Okay, sheepishly I wander down to this post where I have no problem giving an opinion!

The presentation of shoes on tulle is simple, elegant, ethereal, and show case the them quite beautifully.

I like how they look, being a big fan of bows and appreciate you pointing out the quilted heel. Very nice. The mannequin looks surprisingly like a real person, and shows that a real person could wear this look quite nicely. The problem?
Heels to high for moi! ;-(..........
Still, I appreciate window shopping in Paris with you SO MUCH,
and hat viewing too!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue heart...)
My kingdom for the black ones!

M erisi's Vienna

Oh, those shoes! Are these icecream wafers right there under the heel? :-)
I have a Chanel post waiting in the wings,
need a bit more time then I have right now.


Oh I want these shoes so badly...the red ones!! I have this "thing" for red shoes and these are gorgeous!!

Karen Cole

Why, oh why, do I want these shoes SO much?
I know I can't possibly walk in them.
The designer must have had a blast designing these.
So many beautiful things in this world.
So little time.

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