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07 October 2007


omar bashter

oh omar u really still lady killer
he is amazing actor
i luv him sooooooo much

Di Overton

Looks like you are having fun. Watch out David Bailey!


Oh, my my my but he sill is a head turner....My heart beats along with yours my fried. Wish I had been there!

love-bd, Melanie


you must have had a vip pass to get these close-ups...blessings, rebecca


That lady with the fancy bow hat and the one in the back round with the leopard, look unique and special.
Omar's not so bad himself. Thank for taking me!

M erisi's Vienna

Sometimes it looks like some people do have fun with their money. :-)

I fell in love with Omar Sharif as Dr. Schiwago and found it terribly frustrating he was already an adult then. ;-) He still cuts a good figure.


So very distinguished looking..........
How wonderful


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Omar Sharif! I aways like him! so handsome and intresting (once I watch a TV interview and found him very clever and humble)

Waiting to see the hats! which one did you use? ;)



How exciting! Such a distinguished actor - and he still looks rather dashing, with a sparkle in his eyes.
What fun you must be having - enjoy!~xox


Still a very handsome man!!! Vida x


Just saw Hidalgo for the umpteenth time and fell in love with Omar all over again. He's the bomb! And how cool is it that you got closer enough to take pics!! I'm so jealous. Can't wait for tomorrow's post and photos.


I used to think Omar Sharif was the most handsome man. I suppose he is still, though a somewhat older version (and I'm not??! LOL!). Loved him in "Lawrence" and "Dr. Z".
This woman's hat is a little unusual to say the least and I eagerly await Monday for a glimpse of your hat!


Oh I had such a crush on HIM!! Not Lawrence!
And David Lean was such a visual director...
he is still so handsome don't you think?




Dr. Zhivago was D's and my first date!
Don't you think we resemble each other? Omar and I?

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