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11 November 2007


le petit cabinet de curiosites

I guess you had a crush on some of these pieces !!! SO gorgeous


Oh, tara, I love your pictures. It puts me in a Paris mood.


My Melange

I am now cleaning off my screen because your wonderful photo's have made me crazy like a mad dog and I have salivated all over my computer :) Love it all!!!

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

What a wonderful collection of Bastille scenes ... the blowfish skeleton with crown is my favourite! xx, JP/deb


I am in awe of the finds you make on your travels. I found the Mary without hands strangely disturbing though. Probably me not having had coffee this morning yet.


Love the mandolins! I can almost hear the melody... :)


The silvery glass is beautiful. What were those long things with the spikes along the sides??



fine, fine, fine - everything about you and what you post, is so fine!


One day, I too shall live in Paris and go the marches. I shall walk all day and I shall eat and drink myself into oblivion... I shall be happy.... Vida x

A Fanciful Twist

I "need" that statue in the first photo!! This whole post is full of all the things I love!! Oh my, if I could only bring myself to fly there and shop til I drop!!!! xoxoxox


Oh my goodness, these are lovely images! :-) I will be back.


Oh my goodness, these are lovely images! :-) I will be back.


If I lived in Paris I would buy shells and books
and statues ~ and never eat because there would
be no money left over.



love the statue and colomns, the mother of pearl mirror and lantern, the mercury plates, the delicate glass box!! so much to see and find over there at la bastille. did you buy something for your home tara??


I see you've been keeping busy these past few days. Forever teasing yourself with treasure upon treasure at the Paris Brocantes. You're going to have to buy a chateau soon. ;)
Nice tribute to Norman Mailer I might add. And good advice I'm finding that he offered there!
A brocante without rain is like A 19th-century giltwood painted icon sans hands. ;)
Glad your having fun.


great pics, just what every blowfish needs...
A Crown. :)

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

Fanning myself...these items are HOT! Love them. Thanks for the virtual eye candy. I needed inspiration today...and I have now found it.
Thanks Tara, enjoy your Sunday.
Have a cup of tea with me~


Wishing I could indulge in some of that shopping but I'd be a happy camper to just browse as well. Oh well, I guess I will have to settle for looking at it all through your eyes.


What is stunning about the first photos is how the seller chose a palate of color, then made turned her/his wares into a still life. All of the beautiful objects work a one together. The layers of texture is amazing!


I'll take some of those candle stick holders please.


Once again you have brought us along on a wondrous walk through the shops and flea markets of Paris. I never get tired of these walks. If I lived in Paris I would walk everywhere and no doubt weigh about 50 lbs less. My pocket book would weigh less too. LOL


Tara, your photos just get better and better! Simply stunnning ! And I'm nearly as excited as you that you've found a chandelier to match your sconces!!! Can't wait to see it!! Be sure to let me know when you've posted about it! Enjoy your week!!x


Aladdin's Cave. Definitely irresistible. It's a good thing (or is it?) you don't have a house; otherwise I could see all of this ending up there! Fabulous! xox


I love Moroccan lanterns - I wanted to get one for our terrace but they aren't weather proof!

Anyways... I wish I have lots of money to own such a beauty like mother-of-pearl and olive wood mirror from Syria.

I hope all is well with you Tara!

tongue in cheek

What treasures you share!

Betty C.

What an abundance of riches...sometimes I just want to BE IN PARIS AGAIN!


I so wish I could be there to see this, but your photographs are as good as me being there..and of course, I'm not spending money which I would want to do sooo badly if I was there!! I'm not surprised you came away with 2 lanterns...I'm surprised you aren't coming away with "more"!! I'm looking forward to seeing more from this event.


Tara these treasures are amazing!!!! That mercury glass..oh to have just a few of them!! Thank you for sharing these gems with us!! I must go back and take a second glance!!! (((((WOW )))))
hugs aNNa

Pam Aries

Good Morning! What a treat to see all the fabulous treasures whilst I sip my morning brew! Thank you so much for allowing us all the opportunity to see !


I love all the treasure troves.........
You share such beauty as always.
I love you

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