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27 November 2007


A Fanciful Twist

Oh ! Oh ! OH!!!! Ha!! Look at this!! I also want fur bear ears!! Oh, the French!! Oh to live in Paris!! OH MY!!!!!

My Melange

Thanks for the fashion show, Tara!!! I love the first dress!!

Kimberly Ann

Gorgeous mannequins and interesting settings. Window shopping in Paris takes on a whole new meaning.


what a fun window display; wouldnt that be a great job to have?


these are wonderful for inspiration...i love to make dress artworks...i will be making that first dress for sure......blessings, rebecca


Such lovely window displays.
Thanks so very much for sharing.
I love you Sugar Plum.


oh la la! My husband would love to see me in these creations ;)


I love that first dress! Would certainly make me feel like the belle of the ball. Fabulous.


wow now THAT'S some awesome window dressing going on!


Wow, it's a real "Women Who Run With the Wolves" (in high heels) scenario, especially those first few shots, and then the fur. Very primal, archetypal, strong female/feminine portrait!



Karen Cole

I'm making an appointment to change my hair color tomorrow......

..wish I had the nerve to go red.

I love the composition of these photos. I don't know what to look at first the model or the refections.


I love the layered look that the reflections give to the photos


Oh my, is that the Rapunzel girl with the endless hair, from the other post? I wondered what she was wearing besides quite a hair-do!


I just slunk over...... Had to peek and see and to send my Mom your link.

Thank you!!
must sew.

Just Jen

Those displays are amazing to ours in Ontario. Pathetic Paris, they're artsy, classy and beautiful



Mary Timme

Ah! Bardot lives on in Paris and takes wolf clothing to a new level for sure. I tried to come in the other day and couldn't get here. Sad, but today I can! Good!

mauricio planel

Hola Tara!

Awesome city...

the pic of the door is good to make a collage :o)

Have a nice week


I love the buildings reflected in the glass!


Wow, amazing, and that hairdo in the first one, wow! Thank you.

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