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26 November 2007



A modern day Rapunzel - how fun!
I'm looking forward to them all - I love your photos. Looking at them I feel like I've had an afternoon windowshopping in Paris. Thank you! ~xox


Tara, What a fabulous window! Cannot wait to see more more MORE!



Beautiful and exquisite Christmas display windows.
Much love and many blessings
Love you

Brenda Walton

Tara dear, Thanks oodles for the inspiration! I am so glad you were able to photograph these outrageously fabulous window displays...what a delight! xox Brenda


wow what an art work I love the warehouses in christmas time in paris. I don't know if it was printemps or la fayette, but I remember the magnificent christmas tree in the middle all the way up to the top floor. Beautiful

My Melange

Wow...I wouldn't want to have to do that to my hair everyday....

Thanks for braving the crowds!!


I certainly shall come by! Thankyou for sharing Paris with us!!
hugs NG


I do love the window shopping photos too.. it's the closest I'm going to get to Christmas in Paris - at least for awhile.


Gillian @ Indigo Blue

Can't wait! This is the best Christmas gift yet-a peek into the windows of your famous city.
The braid is familiar, they used to do those in school where I studied esthetics...the hair girls used balloons under the hair, and hairsprayed them to hold in place. The effect is very neat!


It seems like a very short time ago when you were photographing the Christmas vitrines...and here we are again!


Bohemian mom

Absolutely GORGEOUS pics!


Oh Yea! It's Christmas in Paris again. I love the pictures you post of Christmas time in Paris, Tara.


Dear Tara,
Thank You!! Thank you!!
Love the "DO" at Printemps!

Wanted you to know that today your blog was loading very slowly and your comments too. Is anyone else having this problem??

Have a great night!

Tara responds: Yes, I have reported the issue to Typepad. It is taking ages to load today and other things have gone awry. It is hoped these issues will be resolved soon. Thanks for your patience!

Rose Dewy Knickers

Beautiful picture Tara. I'm looking forward to seeing all the displays.



Sheilah Broughton

Hi Tara, I just want to thank you for this wonderful blog! I have been to Paris only once but I relive that visit each time I view your pictures and read your posts. Thanks for helping me keep Paris and French people alive in my heart.


Wow!! You are committed!! This photo is absolutely wonderful! Looking forward to more!

A Fanciful Twist

OH!!! Youa re sooo wonderful to do this for us!! Over 100 photos, braving people, screaming, pushing, crowds???? Youa re a goddess!!!! Can't wait for more!! xoxooxoxox

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