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26 February 2008


Kelly Roccoisian

Oh how beautiful. Pickering is a breath-taking place and you've managed to capture that. Well done, Tara and thanks for sharing once again.


You've captured the essence of Yorkshire! Amazing photos!

Hugs Sherrie


loved these the lush hills and flowers as well as the train station and trains......the little boy was adorable...big smiles.

I'll show my kids the photos and let them know that some of HP was filmed there.

thanks for fires up my travel bug!

melissa @ the inspired room

That little boy playing peek a boo is just the cutest! The last train I was on was the Orient Express! It was fun, except for the part where we had to get dressed for dinner in our tiny car, riding backwards. I was too sick to eat after that.



That was so much fun!!! I loved going on a train ride!! I really want to take Faith on an actual "train" train ride sometime. She would LOVE it. Thanks for sharing!!


this looks like fun!


Looks like fun!

Just found your blog. We seem to have plenty in common.


This brings me right back to my childhood.
I just about remember steam trains - London to Cornwall.
what super, evocative photos.


This is wonderful! I always remember train rides when I was little with my nana and grandad - always loads of fun!


And the conductor is there, but where is Sir Topham Hatt?


If they had faces they would look just like Thomas, and Percy, and James!

Pam Aries

HI! I am trying to catch up on blogging again! This is so cool. A trip through magical Yorkshire! WoW!

Enzie Shahmiri

This would have been so awesome to do with my son when he was little. There is a certain charm to trains and especially those run by steam engines, that's just magical.


Wonderful pictures Tara. I would like to ride on that train. I wouldn't be askeered of that one! It looks so peaceful and pleasant in the countryside there. So much better than the city life here.


Thank you for taking us on a picture perfect train ride! This was such a lovely view to come back online at last, to see. Your little peekaboo partner is adorable - what fun! ~xOx


Hate typos. That would be Magical. LOL


Oh Tara, you bring us to the most magincal places.


I do love trains and this one and everyone of the photos just takes me back to another time. That photo of the luggage...looks like a movie set.

Beautiful post!


Ah! Marvelous! Do you embark from Platform 9 3/4?


Step by step, like a storybook! Wonderful! xoxo


All great but especially the little boy that played peekaboo and the old luggage!! Thanks for the ride.


Tara, I love travelling with you!!! My paternal grandparents were from Yorkshire and I've never been -- in some ways I feel like I've been "home" looking at these photographs and it makes me feel a trip must be on my "list of things to do".

kelly snelling

what a beautiful place! it really does look as if it was frozen in time. the trains and the scenes you captured are simply lovely, tara!

karen cole

A photo journalist as well, huh?

Great shots in all of your recent posts. This could almost illustrate a childrens story. My son adored trains for years and at 28 probably still would love your shots.


Di Overton

Gorgeous but I bet they are the only trains in England that are ever on time.
You have been given a - You Make My Day Award - at my blog today - Well deserved my dear

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

these are gorgeous photos .... i love when you post a series of photos, i feel like i've stepped into the pictures (rather like those chalk paintings in Mary Poppins!). xx, JP/deb


The peek-a-boo boy is a doll! I can almost hear him giggling.
Loved these train shots...the conductor has a conductor's face, doesn't he?
What colourful and cheerful photographs. Maybe I'll get to London this year!!
(yes, meet me there! We have a Whitby and a Pickering near us.)


Wonderful, wonderfully evocative photos, Tara. My dad's family are from Middlesborough and one of my cousins lives in N. Yorkshire Moors Park, but I've never been to these train stations. Now I'm really, really wanting to go for a visit.


how fabulous & fun was this day?? Oh I wish I was on that train with you !!! I love train rides, especially on beautiful old trains!!!


thank you for the time travel!

Philip Robinson

The train and station seems to be to a nice human scale.

I once heard a sociologist say "we used to travel leisurely by train, eating on board and our luggage being handle by attendants. We stayed in comfortable rairoad hotels. Now we drive ourselves down crowded highways and sleep in trailer and tent slums by the raod."

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