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11 July 2008


Kimberly Ryan

Just came accross this searching web, love the photos just amazing! I just started another blog featuring art inspired by Marie, come visit sometime, Kim


Oh, poor little princess! Did you know there's a biog just out of her (Marie Therese)? There's a review in this week's Sunday Times mag - publisher is Bloomsbury. Just found your blog - I'll be a regular reader.


Tara! This makes my collecting gene green with envy! Wow oh wow!!!


Ooooooh, I love this kinda stuff. Love them! Thanks for sharing. xo

A Fanciful Twist

Miss Tara, your blog is so special to me! It always come with beauty and emotion and incredible photos... You should have heard my heart skip a beat. If you had not taken these, I would have never been able to see them!! incredible, isn't it??? How our treasures out live us... To see the shoes and bonnets, and other treasures... xoxo

melissa @ the inspired room

Wow, this is amazing! Lovely photos too.

Thank you so much for you sweet wishes on my first blogging birthday! :-) So glad to have found nice people like you!

Happy weekend,


Oh Wow Tara!!
You find the best treasure to share. This is astonishing.
Thank you!!!!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I love these treasures !!! thank you for sharing

Judy Wilkenfeld

You have such a great eye for beuty. I am a sucker for antique emroidery and this is no exception on the shoes. Thanks for showing us.


Oh how you colour our worlds Tara!
Thanks for the treats here, what a state of preservation, all things considered. Not bad I'd say. The shoes are lovely, so is the bonnet.
(Will they feature in your book?)


Wow is this posting awesome! I have been teaching my students about the French Revolution! And to find these pics! I don't think I have seen images of this anywhere! Fantastic!


uh uh uh...swoon...need oxygen...OMG! Tara!

I'm so excited that you got to be so close to these lovely items, not even under glass. How wonderful!

Enzie Shahmiri

Can you imagine how beautiful these items must have looked like when they were new?!


Just amazing...the shoe trees themselves!

studio wellspring jaw has dropped ~ the adventures you find and the wonderful things that find you never cease to amaze me. and i'm so grateful that you're so talented at sharing them with us, your adoring fans.


Tara, how cool are these photos? Thanks for the nice wishes while we were away. Hope to see you in SF, call or email when you have a minute. Best~ Robyn


Amazing collection really interesting one.


Tara you are a master at finding such opulent treasures. Merveilleux!hugs NG

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