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08 October 2008



Congratulations Tara! :)


How did I miss this? Tara, congratulations!!! You are most worthy and then some of this.

JanePoet ~ JP/deb

What a most excellent recognition for your efforts!!!!!!!!!! Fabulous :) JP/deb

Joan O'Connor


It has been a while since I have been by. So happy to see this news about you and your selection for the women's museum! You are so deserving!
Hope you are enjoying your time in Barcelona.
Miss you!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I forgot ! I love your new banner ! YES WE CAN

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Congrats ! You are a wonderful example !


How thrilling!!!! I'm so happy for you, dear Tara! You ARE a very powerful writer, that's for sure.


Congratulations!! It is very appropriate that your writing is being recognized.


Congratulation dear friend!
You are a very special soul.
We are lucky to have you to shed light on our world.
You look right standing in the International Museum of Woman.

I value your opinion!


Congratulations! Félicitations!


Congratulations! A deserved honor.


Wow! Very cool.



CONGRATULATIONS! Thats so cool, my mom, in the international museum of women. thats my mom!

lisa & Alfie at The Pickled Hutch

Great to know others will get a chance to hear your voice Tara. You definitely are an inspiration for us who hear you already!
Lisa & Alfie


I am so proud of you!!!!!!!! I can just imagine how elated your daughter must feel. You make a difference my friend in the lives of so many. Your insight and intelligence should be rewarded.


Congratulations Tara! I re-injured my arm and commenting has been sparse, but I'm keeping up on reading. XXOO

robin bird

i am not a bit surprised! you are a such dedicated and honest journalist. (as well as having fine taste in hats and hairdressers) this is THRILLING!! i don't know how you are going to keep up... wow you do have a lot going on! i am so glad i have met you and you have befriended me this year. you are an amazing woman tara. a good leader for us all.


Heartiest congratulations! It is heartening to know that reason is recognized, understood, and celebrated. You are an asset in many ways.


This is such good news!! Congrats to you, my friend!!


You're such a great example for us, Tara! Congratulations from the heart. I always knew you are a gem. Just going to the site you refer. Enjoy today to the fullest, you deserve.


TARA!!! That's awesome! Congratulations!

I just went to the website and it looks full of inspiring information. I can't wait to dive in.

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