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24 November 2008


Tara Bradford

Hi Jeanie - At least I saved money by dawdling around with my camera. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, as well!

Tara Bradford

Relyn, thank you for the lovely compliments! I'll post a photo of the weather vane soon. As for you coming to Paris, I'd be thrilled to take you to my favourite shopping haunts!

Tara Bradford

Gillian, I think that Lara saw the items first and told the owner she wanted to buy them. So the owner must have written the names on the tags.

Tara Bradford

Gillian, you're right about saving money, thanks to Lara! It would be wonderful to see you in Paris!

I didn't look at the chair seats in the bottom photo, alas. There was so much to take in; wish I'd had an entire day just to wander around and photograph everything.

Gillian daSilva

Also, don't think me uncooth for asking, because I don't know! but...can you just put your name on the tag if you intend to buy? I don't get this?

Gillian daSilva

I love this shop.
I'm curious about those chairs in the bottom photo. They are so amazing. Were the seats upholstered? If so, describe!!
Keep your fingies crossed for me for January, I may be able to see you in your homeland for a short spell.
(Bugging Julian for a few days there. We'll see!)
p.s. You can thank that woman for saving you a small fortune by the sound of it! ;)


If I ever get to Paris and you are willing to go shopping with me, I promise I will only buy half of what you want. Seriously, you have incredible taste. Such beauty! Lara may have the goods, but you have the images. And, you've made my day by sharing them.

I do think this is a perfect post. I love the poem, the story, the images.

Next time do we get to see your weather vane happily ensconced at home?


That's very funny -- and very sad for you! Have a lovely Thanksgiving -- even if you didn't get everything you wanted!

Tara Bradford

Good advice, Yoli. And wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

Tara Bradford

It was just so weird that our names were similar and we had the same taste. Anyway, don't really have room for too many more treasures in our bijoux apartment! :)

Tara Bradford

Helen, thank you. Yes, we're celebrating Thanksgiving, with a turkey and all the trimmings, as per usual. We're having an American and a French guest join us this year. Hope you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.

Tara Bradford

Ha ha! But then it would have been difficult to get it all home. Next time, I'll be quicker on the draw.

Tara Bradford

Christina, thank you. The photos were all shot of the exterior windows; I never set foot inside the stores. I was mesmerized by the window displays and the lighting. It was bliss. Now to get those photos up!

Tara Bradford

Thank you, Jude. I was very lucky to visit these places.


Now you know that a twin walks around in Paris. So, next time, buy or set aside first then snap your beautiful photographs later.

From this other red head, may you have a beautiful and warm Thanksgiving.

Wonders Never Cease

How funny to have a shopping twin!
Well, I guess it's not that funny if she snaps up all your treasures! :)


What a feast for the eyes! Amazing photos of amazing objects artfully displayed.
That is so funny about Lara/Tara. Wish I could tag some of those things for myself!
You do an outstanding job of photographing mirrors and reflections. You have captured the glow and the richness of the light. Your photography never ceases to delight and surprise me.

Happy Thanksgiving...if you celebrate it there!


i think you could have taken her lara... :-) and it would have been worth it for the beautiful stuff!



What a great story! I am in love with the idea of you shooting, 200 photos in Paris department stores. Bliss.

Jude Cowell

Gorgeous photo journaling, Tara, as always. You cavort in such magical surroundings!

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