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19 December 2008


Tara Bradford

Thank you, Mads! xoxox

Tara Bradford

Merci, Steph! Yes, it's a very inspiring place! xoxox


happy birthday to your g o r g e o u s
baby girl and oh! those photo's are
breathtakingly alluring:)




Huge birthday wishes to your beautiful birthday girl...Wowza, what a place to work...inspiration abounds!!


Tara Bradford

Thanks so much Robin. Will pass along your birthday greetings. As for photographing amazing things, I could say the same about you!

Tara Bradford

Yes, Relyn - one of the difficulties associated with living on different continents. Thanks for the good wishes!

Tara Bradford

Colette, aren't these vitrines amazing? I admire the talented stylists who create them. Thanks for the lovely birthday wishes for Jordana. xoxox

Tara Bradford

Barbara, thanks for the lovely kudos! As for Christmas decorations, I've had the flu since returning from Philadelphia and feeling too unwell to search for my ornaments in the cave (wine cellar). I made a half-hearted attempt yesterday, but it was such an overwhelming task, I gave up after finding the ornaments I didn't want to use - the best ones remain well-hidden. So I've decided to have a simpler look this Christmas.

Tara Bradford

Hi Sandra - Thank you! I can just imagine what creative things you might do with those giant red ornaments. Joyeux Noel!

Tara Bradford

Philip, merci bien! Jordana and I appreciate your good wishes and kind words.

Tara Bradford

Pam, thanks for the birthday wishes for Jordana. It's hard to resist shopping in Anthropologie!

Tara Bradford

Christina, thank you! Jordana will be thrilled to get all these good wishes from the blogosphere!

Tara Bradford

Thank you, Edi. I appreciate your visit and kind words.

Tara Bradford

Yes, Terri, one of the hard parts of being a mom. Thanks for the good wishes and lovely compliments. xoxox

Tara Bradford

Gill, thanks for the lovely kudos. Will pass your good wishes along to Jordana. And I'll be thrilled to meet you again in 2009 - hopefully New York again. - or Paris - or both! xoxox

Tara Bradford

Becca, thank you so much. As for your "two," I sent a card to Brian.

Tara Bradford

Mary, thanks so much for the kind words about my daughter and the photos.

Tara Bradford

Di, thank YOU for the beautiful card. And yes, the separation thing on birthdays is tough. Can't wait to see how your cottage has been transformed!

Tara Bradford

Judith, it's always nice to see a store maintain consistency in its image. Thanks for the kind words about Jordana.

Tara Bradford

Hi Susan - Yes, it was all too hectic in a short time. Hope to catch up with you during my next trip to the East Coast. (No, that's not Jordana in the banner - it's a little French girl. I shot that photo two years ago in front of a Paris department store).

Tara Bradford

Jules, Jordana sends her best to you and thanks you for the kind words.

Tara Bradford

Beautiful Bella, thank you And Jordana thanks you as well.

Tara Bradford

Maia, thank you for the lovely compliments.

Tara Bradford

Ha ha, Yoli! You are a beautiful birthday girl too.

Tara Bradford

Helen, I agree - Anthropologie does a fantastic job with their windows. Thanks for the kind words about Jordana's birthday. And you're right about the difficulty of being apart - no doubt harder for the mother than the "child."

Tara Bradford

Constance, you brighten my day, as well. Thanks for the lovely wishes for Jordana. It was great spending time with her in Philadelphia.

Tara Bradford

Robin, thank you! Will pass the message to Jordana.

Robin Laws

the happiest of birthdays to your sweet girl!!! how wonderful that she has all these extra blessings from all over the blogging world! i love the view into the anthropologie headquarters.. you have a way of finding the most amazing things to photograph wherever you are!!
happy holidays dear!!


Oh, Tara. I know your heart must long for your daughter every day, but especially on her birthday. I am sorry you weren't together on the actual day. I've no doubt you celebrated well when you were together, though. Happy, happy birthday to your lovely daughter.


I want to crawl into that vitrine and lie there looking at all the goodies. But instead, I'll wish Jordana a happy happy happy birthday now and forever!


Oh what fun it has been to see this Christmas season through your lens! Your daughter is absolutely lovely and, although I'm still sorta new to your blog, I add my well wishes to everyone's. She adds a special joy to Christmas for you I imagine. Now, you've inspired me to dig through the cedar closet and try to find more of my Christmas decorations (the movers just stuffed them where they'd fit) because those Anthroplogie windows were amazing. Congrats to for your award - well deserved.

Sandra Evertson

I do so enjoy my virtual field trips with you! I loved the giant red ornaments! And a great big Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! Sending you Season's Greetings, Happy Holiday Cheer and Wonderful New Years Wishes!
Sandra Evertson


Happy birthday to beautiful Jordana. Hearty wishes and all the best for the future. Tara, your daughter is just gorgeous!

pam aries

Happity Birthday Jordana! I only just discovered an Anthropologie Store in downtown Portland...cannot wait to go windowshopping there!


She is so beautiful! Happy Birthday, Jordana! Many blessings. ; )


Happy Birthday !

Your blog is so lovely


Happy birthday to lovely Jordana!
So hard to be apart (I've been there - though not as far away - but still those first birthdays spent apart are so poignant - especially for us moms!)
I'm glad you at least got to see her recently. Beautiful photos, Tara~XOXO


Lovely photos, lovely young woman :) It's kind of sad to be apart on their birthday. I haven't quite gotten used to that.

By the way, I loved the e-card! I'm sending that one to my two who are in Thailand for the holiday :)

Mary T.

Something about those Christmas baubles . . . Also loved the photo of your daughter! What a beauty!

Gillian daSilva

Happy Birthday to Jordana~ and I know where she gets her pretty looks from! (Having met you earlier this month) YOU!!!
Jordana, I wish you the happiest year full of prosperity and bliss. xo
Tara, I wish the same for you this holiday season and for all of 2009. Hopefully we can meet up again in '09. Washington? New York? Chicago?
Wherever you like.

Di Overton

Oh I know how it is when you can't be with your baby for their birthday. She is a beauty and what a fun place to be on your birthday.
Thanks so much for the gorgeous Christmas Cottage email. I just love Jacquie Lawson ecards - so beautiful. I wish I could have decorated and sorted my cottage as easily as that :) Waiting for Harvey to take some near decent pics of the finished parts and you and Charlotte will be first to see them.
Much Love


... . AND - those Christmas Baubles are also the theme at the Albuquerque Anthropologie. Though, I must say --- they're a bit watered down here.
Not quite the wonderful cascade. My absolute fav pic above is that incredible crochet dress as tree. Someone spent a lot of time on that. Makes me wonder what they do with these sculptures apres holidays . HappyHappy beautiful Jordana!


Happy birthday, beautiful girl! You're lovelier than ever. Have a perfect day and a great year.


What luscious eye candy catching up on your photos. Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card. Sorry I was unable to see you while on the East Coast...hope they'll be a "next time" very soon!
Hugs, friend!
and a Happy Bday to Jordana (LOVE her photo in the banner...and if it's not her, it sure could be :-)


Happy Birthday to the lovely Jordana. These pictures are wonderful! xo


Oh she is a Sagittarius like me! And almost the same age as me! (I was trying to keep a straight face while saying the latter but it did not work) Happy Birthday beautiful sweet Jordana!!!!!!


Your daughter is so beautiful. Love this whole photo set.


Excellent photos! Anthropologie windows really, really inspire me.

Hope that your daughter has a lovely birthday. It's hard to be apart from children on birthdays--even when they are grown.


Happy Birthday to Jordana!
She is such a beautiful woman!
When you all were together it must have been wonderful!
The dress she is standing near is a major creation!!!
Thank you for my card!!
You brighten my day

My Melange

Lovely images...and happy birthday Jordana!!

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