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11 December 2008



What a wonderful whirlwind. Am so sorry you are ill though. Feel better soon.

Vicki in Michigan

Love the reflections in the pics!

Amy M

I too prefer the glare??? just wanted you to know that Tara;) & am in total agreement with Christina HOT!

Christina Martin

I am feeling kind of divaish! Do you know I have never photographed a display window. Maybe I will try one day. These are hot!


I waved at you from across the lake -- haha!


sandra Evertson

Oh, to be shopping in New York today! You lucky girl! Sending you and yours Season's Greetings and Holiday Cheer! And hope you feel better real soon, a nice hot bowl of chicken soup should help!
Sandra Evertson


Oops - that was supposed to be 'MUCH' not 'uch', lol!


Beautiful photos, Tara. I bet you and Gillian had a wonderful time! Can't wait to hear and see more - but for now, take good care of you. Hope you feel uch better soon!~XOXO

Gillian daSilva

Me I like the glare. It is authentic, like you. Meeting you was sheer bliss. I had such fun, I cannot tell you! Finding the lost camera, the Magic Obama flags, all of it! :)
Um, feeling sick myself. Must be from one of the many yellow cabs we shared :p

I hope you feel better soon. I will look forward to reading your stories. We have so many from such a short time frame, can you imagine if we'd had more time?


My Melange

reminds me of being there last year. took some glorious shots around the holidays.

hoe you had a good trip- get well soon :)

Tara Bradford

These photos were taken with my little pocket Konica-Minolta Dimage - no lens or filters, just natural light. I left my usual camera in Philadelphia, due to a shoulder injury from moving furniture the night before I left Paris.


Nice..but i think a circular polarizer filter would cut down on the glare.


Sigh, think I'm going to stay home this year and skip my trip to NYC. Your pics make me feel like I'm there tho. I love the American Folk Art Museum and heard about that exhibition. Lucky you! Aw, the Plaza. That's where we spent our first night as a married couple. Beautiful. (Saw them turning them into condos last year! As if!) Anyway, I hope you feel better soon. There is so much crud going around. I'm just now feeling better. xo


Impressive pictures in a beautiful atmosphere Tara!


Feel better sweetie. I'm sorry you're sick! XOXO

Glad you're back tho! I missed you.

Mary T.

Ah-ha! And who got married? What a fun time. Do people ever really wear stuff like that?


Magical windows!! All this true?? Unexpected and romantic wedding? I can't wait to hear more...


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