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18 December 2008



You have the most spectacular images and posts online. I am thrilled to have found your blog.


For those of us who cannot be in NYC for the holidays, thanks for this very special gift.


Woah! All spectacular.....
Thank you for sharing your photos of beautiful window displays.
It is ALWAYS very inspirational!
Anthropology continues to blow my mind!
Hope yours will be a nice day today Tara!


the MOMA window with the knits on the roof, spilling over the top...that's my fav.

elizabeth bunsen

loving it all
and especially the plaid tights...
atta girl

xox - eb.


Tara, looking at all your photos is like going on a marvelous adventure each day - one never knows what they will see next!

Thank you so much for sharing your visions of the world :)


I LOVE these. I could never pick a favorite among them!



Mary T.

The ice storm is so pretty, I could stay there for days watching reflections, enjoying those things not real!


I am loving anthropology's window and the butterflies. ; )

Is it me or are those trees around the rink, beautiful.


I adore window shopping with you! Your photos are so intimite, I feel like I was standing right next to you. I love the first three photos! But really I like them all.


Everyone's making me miss New York this Christmas.
I want to see ABC Carpet & Home windows!

Gillian daSilva

I don't think I'll ever forget our time there together. You made it so perfect, showing me so much of the incredible city.
I am looking at these very nostalgically, wishing we could have more time to spend there. And that Henry Darger! You must write about him when you are feeling better.
Miss you, get well soon.


Very nice photos! I never seemed to get out of mid-town so I didn't see Tiffany's.

That abstract knit is a fabulous photo!

Anthropolgie's windows were so entertaining and creative. I liked them best of what I saw. I loved the tangled Christmas lights in one window. Looking at your photos makes me want to go right back to the city!


We walked simlar paths! I have almost all those pictures, including the oasis of calm at night. Check it out, it is illuminated. I love it. I so miss NYC.


I am in absolute awe of your ability to capture such spirit in the windows! My fav is the MOMA yarn spectacular. Stay warm my friend, it's freezing here. smooches

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