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15 December 2008



Jordapach! I LOVE YOU.

You totally made my day!


they're all like lovely mini-Julies! with their hair and red lips and big eyes!


How sad is it that I want to look like a mannequin? A child mannequin, no less. Those sleek black bobs. Those big blue eyes. Love these images.


What a fantastic display!


wow! awesome.

The Decorated House

Wow! Loved all those pictures.

Beth Evans-Ramos

Thanks for sharing these terrific displays with us! I love the flowers.

studio wellspring

wow tara i'm swooning at your captures
! umbrellas purples flowers glitters undersea creatures, oh my. so many of my fave things in one place. thanks so much for sharing this with us.
p.s. i miss you!


Oh what a joy it must be to live among such imaginative and creative people! This is so stunning and vibrant - effervescent. How funny that my son and I were laughing today as we decorated the tree about the 'Christmas walrus' and 'Christmas flamingo' and 'Christmas dolphin' ornaments.

Merci, merci, Tara, et joyeux Noel!


My Tara you make me so happy with all your pictures!!!!

My Melange

I really love these. I think they are my fav. I just love the combo of deep purple and gold. Royal colors.


dazzling, magical photos
so delightful dancing in my fave colour of purple!

Gillian daSilva


Simply gorgeous!
Those purples! The theme!!!
How adorable. I love how vivid and childlike those windows are.

Enjoying my Earl Grey with French Blue Flowers.
So smelly-licious!!!


Linda Crispell

Crazy cool!


Je vais demander une de ces Coco poupées au Père Noel!!! I nedd one of them for sure!


Ooooh how do I love this display,
let me count the ways!
Wait till Christine sees this one!
Be still my beating heart!
Hope you're feeling 100% today Tara!


Mary T.

I love pinks and purples and those sea anemones were just breathtaking. Of course, those are some beautiful photos! But, you knew that!


I can't even find words!

Photos are spectacular, windows are over-the-top! The creativity is staggering. Just the best!

Thank you so much for getting so many of the details, glitz, and glitter--I feel truly feeling privileged to see the photos you so generously share.

A Fanciful Twist

Miss Tara, I am back again - I think my last comment is lost in typepad limbo ;) ;)

I AM smitten beyond words with your gorgeous stunning photos.

I know you know this is soooooooo me!!!

And those mice below!!!

Oh, and - That banner? I LOVE IT!!!!! Sugar Plum Land!!

Off to delve into all the photos again!!


A Fanciful Twist

You know that I am totally freaking out over your new banner, and all of these images!!

And those mice below, and and... Oh goodness, this is just what I adore. Off to delve into all your gorgeous photos!!!!!!


Wildlife Gardener

I love your photos and hope to see them for myself as we are here in Paris for Christmas :) Blessings to you for 2009 :)

Di Overton

Absolutely Amazing!

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