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14 January 2009




Tara Bradford

Yes, it's all an accident of birth, isn't it? We are so lucky - and our children are lucky - not to be born in such a volatile region where survival is difficult. I, too, am praying for a resolution soon.

As for The Butterfly's Burden, in my opinion it's one of Darwish's best books, at least the ones translated into English (as I can't read Arabic). xoxox

Gillian daSilva

It is heartbreaking. The loss of life, staggering. I think of my own children when I see the plight of these children. It is unthinkable that it can go on while the world watches helplessly. Imagine how it was when Hitler systematically slaughtered all those 6 million. If there were an easy answer history would have taught us one by now. I pray ANY answer comes soon.
The Butterfly's Burden sounds like a book I'd love to read.

Tara Bradford

Terri, thank you for your very kind comments. Sadly, that figure of women and children dead is not exaggerated. Only a small percentage of those killed in the Israeli assault on Gaza are Hamas fighters. Tragically, in every war the innocents always suffer. A friend reminded me recently that all great religions perpetuate wars - except Buddhism. They actually practice peace, rather than just talking about it. Maybe we should all take a page from their book.


I don't know how the people there continue to bear up under such daily fear and tragedy...I heard a figure on the radio - that approximately 40 percent of the injured and dead in these assaults has been women and children. Even if that figure is exaggerated - any number of innocent citizens killed is too many...
You've painted a poignant picture for us of the tragic situation with your words, quotations and photos, Tara. I salute your shining light~XOXO

Paris Parfait

Rafael, thank you for your kind words.

rafael Arjona

Great text and very good election of the photos

Paris Parfait

Thanks for your insightful comments, dear Christina!


The backwards, yesteryear thinking, will not work. It has not and will not work.
Thank you for this, sweetie.

Paris Parfait

Allegra, thank you. My sentiments, exactly.


Offensive is not enough of a strong word to describe the attitude of the so called "Leader of the free world" when an Israeli government official brags about this:

“Early Friday morning the secretary of state was considering bringing the cease-fire resolution to a UNSC vote and we didn’t want her to vote for it.” Olmert said. “I said ‘get President Bush on the phone.’ They tried and told me he was in the middle of a lecture in Philadelphia. I said ‘I’m not interested, I need to speak to him now.’ He got down from the podium, went out and took the phone call.”

A beaming Olmert then described telling President Bush “the US cannot possibly vote in favor of this resolution,” and spoke with pride of how embarrassed US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was at having to abstain from voting for a resolution she helped to organize and gather support for.

The US abstention shocked diplomats, and made it easier for Israel to dismiss the ceasefire out of hand. At the time of the vote Rice declared that the United States supported the draft but could not vote for it because of their “special relationship” with Israel. Just days later Rice too was lashing out at the resolution as “unacceptable.” Our sense of self is tied to what these days? We cannot speak of honor at least until Barack Obama takes office. Let's hope Hillary Clinton, today confirmed as Secretary of State would have more integrity that Ms. Rice. That obviously won't be very difficult at all.

Sorry about the rant Tara dear, but the depth of corruption of the present administration and their disregard for human rights can make one wonder who are these people? and if they really belong to the human race.

Paris Parfait

Thank you! I'd be very interested to read that post - am an enthusiastic follower of Wright's architecture and design. Have you read William Drennan's book "Death in a Prairie House" or Nancy Horan's "Loving Frank?" Wright had quite the intriguing - and tragic - personal life.

Paris Parfait

Lala, you must have heard a lot about Lorca, living in Granada. As for Gaza, I can't understand how the international community can allow Israel to continue its attacks on the defenseless, imprisoned population of Gaza, who have no place safe to shelter. WHY won't they open the border to Egypt and let the Palestinians out, where they can receive the food, medicine and assistance they need from the UN agencies that the Israelis are firing on within Gaza??!!


A moving post, Tara. The images and poetry perfectly selected.

The stone sculptures are beautiful. They remind me of a couple of Frank Lloyd Wright's sculptures I saw at Taliesen West. One of the many posts I plan to write one day.

my castle in Spain

i pray this violence comes to an end, that both Israeli government and Hamas come to their senses (but does this still have a meaning for them ?)

thank you Tara for this beautiful poem. I never read M. Darwish before. Also I really like that you're quoting Lorca, another victim of civil war..

Peace to you..

Tara Bradford

I agreed with you about Fareed. And of course, beyond those 300 plus women and children, most of the people killed so far have been unarmed civilians. Just heartbreaking.

Tara Bradford

It has to be dreadful for all concerned - the parents worrying about their children and their own parents as well. I wish they would open the borders. It is outrageous that they have no place to shelter that's safe from Israeli attack.

Colette Copeland

Out of those 1,018 (at last count), were 300 women and children. Thank you dearest Tara for keeping your readers aware. (Fareed Zakariah was just on The Daily show. He is the most reasonable man on the air.)


Poor people, I can just imagine the innocent children and the elderly.

Paris Parfait

You're absolutely right, Judith. Thanks for your comments.

Paris Parfait

Catalina, thanks for your insightful comments. You're absolutely right that the government's actions do not necessarily reflect the citizens' views. I think there have been a few protests inside the West Bank. But with an election coming up, the Israeli government is interested only in what they consider "results."


Tara - Striking images , striking words. Clearly the old ways of resolving differences keep tossing mankind back to the same place, again and again.
We need a new paradigm. JJjjj


So sad. It would be a good things if Israel people too go outside and manifest against their government actions. We are not always responsible for our government decisions but people can not just stay indifferent to such situation...

Tara Bradford

Nihal, you are very welcome! So glad the book arrived. The mail is so unreliable these days, I'm always relieved to hear a package arrived safely.

As for Gaza, the situation is more tragic by the day. The region is desperate for peace, yet sadly the warmongers prevail.


Getting a little something in the mail... and, finding a special hand-written note on the very first page of a book to make this girl's day brighter:)
Ohhh my,.. my impatiently waited book of One Fifth Avenue arrives safe and secure, Tara! Thank you sooooooo much from the deep inside my heart for yr very kind arrangement and giving-me-away this book chere Tara. In case I find some free time I'll jump to talk about it on my page.
I appreciate your sensitivity on the issue; what has happened is really upsetting and sad to say that it threatens peace in the entire region as not it ends, but grows.

Tara Bradford

This is the question. So terribly sad, I can hardly bear to watch the news - especially Al Jazeera. The news footage of the carnage and devastation and human suffering is hard to take. Maybe if the Western news agencies would stop sanitizing the news to make it palatable for viewers, concrete action would be taken sooner to halt the madness.

Tara Bradford

Helen, thank you for your kind words.

Di Overton

I can't believe that it is still getting worse by the day. When is it ever going to end?


Wonderful (and appropriate) image and poignant poetry. As always, I am touched by your beautiful photography and heartfelt sentiment.

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