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02 January 2009


Tara Bradford

Gina, thanks for the lovely compliments!


Wow, great photos. Excellent shots. I will have that on my agenda!

Greetings from the old world

Gina from Germany

Tara Bradford

Thank you so much! We had fun in Philadelphia - such diversity there. I hadn't visited in years; it's changed quite a bit. A big city, but manageable. Yes, Ben Franklin was brilliant. When I was eight years old, my grandmother gave me a copy of Poor Richard's Almanack. It disappeared somewhere along the way, so I was thrilled to find another copy of the same edition this trip.


Ben Franklin was a wise man - I'm going to share this quote with my children tonight. Thank you!

Great photos, great captions!

Tara Bradford

Thanks so much, Kathy.

Tara Bradford

Nancy, thank you! Hoping you and Joe and family have a fantastic year ahead! xo

Tara Bradford

Helen, I appreciate the kudos. Thank you so much. And a very Happy New Year to you too!


What a fabulous array of photos and images! Provocative, whimsical, serious ...beautiful work! Thanks and happy new year!

Nancy Sotham

Happy New Year Tara! Thank you for posting all these amazing photos along with your words of wisdom. I wish you all good things in 2009.

Tara Bradford

Thank you Christina! I could say the same about you.


You inspire me in so many ways. : ) I love that.

Tara Bradford

Jordan, read about the Liberty Bell's significance at It's a big deal to Americans.

It seems the Constitutional Center is designed primarily for schoolchildren. The Liberty Bell's new home is much more impressive.

I missed the cemetery, but looking at your photos, must make a point of going there during my next visit. Thanks for the tip!


I was in Philadelphia last year delivering a paper at a conference and everyone in Canada said "dont go see the liberty bell, its overrated" so I didn't....actually I went to the Constitutional Center and I think that probably sucked even more (yeah, i get to see Barbara Bush's Peal necklace and Nancy Reagan's White house China!).

So what on earth is the significance of the liberty bell anyway? Did it ring after the declaration of independance or something?

I did however go visit an old cemetary (which seemed random at the time) but it was one of the most facinating things I saw there. There is an old house on the ground which Thomas Jefferson once called the most lovely estate in New England.

Actually photos from my trip are on facebook here (although I not the photographer you are):

Tara Bradford

For you as well, Tammy. Hope the computer connections improve, but the important thing is that you're happy and healthier and enjoying the new year. xoxox

Tara Bradford

Thank you for the kudos, Chris! No, the stars came from a shop in San Francisco. That's my daughter's loft in Philadelphia. Merci bien!


LOOK at what you've done. How many great photos have you taken in your travels? Did you make those stars that are hanging by the sunlit window reflections? They are so beautiful.
I love this post. Thank you for your readership and for things that matter.

Tara Bradford

Nita, thanks for the kind words. Happy New Year!

Tara Bradford

Isn't it a great wall, Steph? That neighbourhood is full of old buildings that have been restored or in the process of restoration. The locals make a real effort to beautify their area. I'll be posting more photos soon. xoxox

Tara Bradford

Gill, love the idea of you coming to Philly. What fun! As for the mundane sometimes blurring our vision, sad but true. The trick is to keep looking beyond the mundane and not let ourselves get too distracted by trivial things. xoxox

Tara Bradford

Thank you, Becca! Wishing an equally bright new year for you and yours!

Tara Bradford

Hi Karyne! Thanks for your visit. I have the "Without Reservation" book, as well. Next time you're in Paris, do get in touch. As for your 40th birthday, what a treat the week in Paris must have been! Thanks again for your comments.


Amen my dear friend! My computer will not comment on a comment and has trouble pulling up your blog to comment. That's what I get for my chosen mountain life. LOL

May 2009 bring you much joy and love. XXOO

Tara Bradford

Leonie, thanks! Happy New Year to you and Nic as well. Hope to see you here or there! xo

Tara Bradford

Well we all have an occasional lapse, don't we Robin? Thanks for the compliment about my photos.

Tara Bradford

Thanks for stopping by, Donna! Hope the new year is filled with good things and many blessings for you.

Tara Bradford

Thank you, Yoli. I agree hope has magic and power attached to it.

Kathy Mc

Incredible photo's!


Great photos and powerful thoughts.
xoxo Nita


Tara, fantastic words to live by, every one of them something to strive for this coming hear! Things are not always as they seem, love that wall!


chocolate covered musings

wise words and sage advice
happy new year to you and your man

leonie & nic

Gillian daSilva

The red wall.
Need I say more?
Timely advice, Tara. We all need reminding to focus on what is important. The mundane details of our lives sometimes blur our vision, don't they?
Love that Liberty Bell. Maybe the next time you pop over to see the lovely Jordana, I'll go too and you can show me around that cool city.

My Melange

Great advice given through lovely pictures!!! I hope I can follow least most of the time:)


Thank you for all the reminders Tara, I hope to tick all, or at least most, of these things off my list this year.


Those are wonderful words and images. I do want you my friend to hold on to them as the year unfold and never forget that magical word--hope.


Wonderful photos and advice! Thank your for sharing your vision with us :)

May your new year be filled with all things bright and beautiful!!

Karyne Whalen

Bon Nuit!! I stumbled upon your blog from Dana at Awareness...your title caught my eye. I had my first trip to Paris March 2007 ( alone) and fell in love with the City of Lights! I am enjoying reading your posts! I know I will be back to Paris one day. I often wondered if it is different living in Paris from being a visitor. I had such an amazing experience...I hope you do too! I had always wanted to go to Paris but this desire was solidified when I read the book, "Without Reservation," by Alice Steinbach(k?)! So, for my 40th, I treated myself and had a magical week in the City of Lights! All the best for 2009!

Tara Bradford

Marilyn, no worries - it was a crazy hectic year! So good to hear from you. Wishing you and J a wonderful 2009! xo

Tara Bradford

Sarah, thanks so much! Happy New Year!


Hello, Tara! Happy New Year! Sorry I was so absent on your blog last intervened. ;) Hope all is well in your world. I've missed reading your writing...look forward to reconnecting in 2009. xo


What a wonderful New Year's reminder of all the little things that are important and bring us joy :)

Tara Bradford

That is classic Philadelphia brownstone architecture, isn't it? Thanks, Colette! xoxox

Tara Bradford

Merci bien, Susan! Hope to see you next trip. Wishing you and yours a wonderful new year, as well. I think you need another trip to Paris, don't you??!! xoxox

Tara Bradford

Judith, thank you! And you're absolutely right about the hallways! :)

Colette Copeland

I recognized Philadelphia at the top :-) Lovely set of photographs and sentiments!


LOVE the photos and the luminous colors. Here's wishing you and yours a blessed and happy New Year!


Brilliant post, Tara ... . each image, each thought - just perfect.

I do fully believe that when one door closes, another opens .... . .
it's just that the hallways are such a bitch!

Tara Bradford

Merci bien, Carla. Hope floats!

Tara Bradford

Thanks, Mary. Yes, I like the whimsy in that tree surround in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia.


Beautiful. May the new year be full of all of these.

Mary T.

Nice photos and the railing with the forks just struck me as the most humorous! Had to laugh at that one.

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