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11 January 2009


Tara Bradford

Merci bien, Melanie. Yes, I was lucky to find this mannequin!

Mélanie Aussandon

you always find the most exquisite find

Paris Parfait

Still thinking about a name. Will post a photo in her finery, at some point. Sadly, I won't be attending the inauguration.

Paris Parfait

Her hair looks like yours did before you cut it! :)

Paris Parfait

Isn't she adorable? Am thrilled to have found her.

Paris Parfait

Ha ha, Alex. Well the hairstyle's similar. And J. IS stylish. :)

Art Dolls by Du Buh Du Designs

Lucky you to find such a sweet mannequin! I'd love to see her again once she clothed and she needs a name:)
Hope all is going well in Paris and on your trips abroad. Are you going to be in Washington DC for the inauguration?


Adorable! As long as she has a cute hat, she doesn't need any clothes!


She's beautiful. What a face!

gypsy alex

How cute! Is that our friend Julie when she was a kid? hehehee... Ooops. Let's me quickly scroll up and make sure she's already commented or I'll get in trouble with one stylish SF girl ;)

Tara Bradford

Leau, not Hitty, although we did see a porcelain doll that looked just like Hitty in a doll shop at Clignacourt. Hitty is one of my all-time favourite children's books! xoxox


I love her! I just saw a photo Tangobaby took in SF of what I assume is also some kind of child mannequin that has blue eyes and her face is crackly and smudged and I fell in love with that image and then your girl shows up and I love her too. Aren't the patterns that minds pick up on interesting? Or maybe it's just the gathering of like minds in the universe? So wonderful that she will have a home where she can be appreciated. Is she your Hitty? smooches

Paris Parfait

Yes, isn't that hat the best? I forgot to ask about it; must call the shop before they deliver and ask if they can bring the hat too. (Although I have others she can wear).

Paris Parfait

Patricia, I hadn't thought of that, but you're right.

Paris Parfait

Kay, thank you! And a very Happy New Year to you and yours!

Paris Parfait

Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I'm thinking about what her name should be. Any ideas?


She looks nice without a dress!
It draws attention to her fabulous hat!



She is like a figure out of a Balthus painting!


Reminds me of the film La Vie en Rose somehow ... charming. Happy New Year to you Tara.


Girl in the Red Hat is so beautiful, you can just imagine her story! So smart and kind of you to give her a new home and I am sure you will spoil her lavishly! Will she have a name?

Tara Bradford

Aha, so it's not just me! At home I have a little boy's leather-covered mannequin from early in the 19th-century; a Paris women's late-19th-century dress form and two late 18th/early 19th-century leather and iron dress forms currently at a friend's house in Antwerp, Belgium awaiting pick-up. The latter two are like pieces of sculpture. I flipped when I saw them last October at an antiques shop. I can't wait to get them home (but I have to drive to Belgium in a van to get the). Sue, why don't you write a post about all your dress forms??!! I'd be fascinated to see pics.


Oh my Tara, she is too divine, I can understand why you brought her home! I have a thing for dress forms, I won't even tell you how many I have - She would fit in very nicely with all of them.

Karen Cole

Predictable would be the last word I would use to describe your style, Tara. .....glimmer....yes, indeed!

Please visit my blog at-

Tara Bradford

Ana, thank you. Hope you're having a good day as well.

Tara Bradford

Thanks, Marilyn. It's the first time in eight years in Paris that I've seen a child's mannequin from the 1920s. Usually the mannequins or older (19th-century) or mid-20th-century. Would love to see a photo of the vintage beauties hanging in your dining room!

Tara Bradford

I will, Yoli - after I find some suitable clothes to fit her. :)

Tara Bradford

Thanks, Christina. I couldn't believe the shop would sell the mannequin - usually they keep them for their own displays, as they're quite rare in reasonably good condition. Guess the shop has mostly adult things - which is why the little girl wasn't dressed! :)

Tara Bradford

Thanks, Karen. I don't want to seem predictable. :) I will photograph her again, when I find some appropriate clothes to fit her. And I agree with you about the glimmer of mischief! :) xoxox

Tara Bradford

Hi Helen - Yes, she wears child-sized clothing. I don't have any 1920s-style clothing to fit a child (other than a hat), so will have to be on the lookout for some. I agree with you about Louise Brooks and her talent.


What a great find Tara! Please show her to us again when you have dressed her!


She is just beautiful. Look at her eyes, they are gorgeous.

Karen Cole

I love that whenever I come here I have no idea what I will find.

She is beautiful. I hope you will photograph her again when you have delivered her to her new location.

She looks like she has something naughty up her sleeve......that is, if she had a sleeve.

xxoo Karen


I am guessing she can wear child sized clothing? She is quite wonderful! As a doll collector, I love mannequins as well. I am green with envy at your petite jeune fille! As for Louise Brooks, what a star and what a life she had. I am a film, buff and know of her great beauty and her work.


I love the girl in the red hat. She would be perfect to wear the vintage clothes I have hanging in my dining room.

Ana Balbinot

Lovely, lovely, lovely!
Have a nice sunday!

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