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05 January 2009


Paris Parfait

Mary, thank you for the lovely compliment! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.


Your photographs are simply spledid
Thankyou for sharing.

Tara Bradford

Fifi, thanks for the lovely compliment! Hope your new year is off to a great start.

Fifi Flowers

BEAUTIFUL photos! I recently saw some great photos of snow in Paris! ENJOY the winter and 2009! Fifi

Tara Bradford

Patricia, thank you so much for your encouragement and support. It is much appreciated. Wishing you and yours a bright new year!


I appreciate your gift of beauty to all of us and also your compassion. The juxtaposition of your gorgeous photography with sad commentary of the injustices that are occurring makes ever more poignant.

Happy New Year to you and just keep doing what you are doing for us all.

Tara Bradford

Thanks - one of two photos in the series taken with a regular lens.

Tara Bradford

Yes, Becca, no doubt snow is fairly commonplace for you. And I know from experience (having lived in Illinois and New York) that it can create lots of problems. But when it's a rare sight, as in Paris, it does seem lovely and serene. I like your analogy of the peace quote and the snow bending the branches. Thank you!

Tara Bradford

Hi Dutchbaby - I got the lens in the fall, but it's only the second time I used it. Thanks for the lovely compliment - I'm still learning.


You just got a macro lens and you are already producing these gorgeous images? Gosh you're talented!

"Softening what is rigid in our hearts" - a great image!


Of course I take snow for granted, we've seen so much already this winter. But your photos make it look lovely again.

I loved the definition of peace you quoted - much like the snow bending branches on the trees, we must learn to bend and soften our prejudices against one another.

Paris Parfait

Thanks Rosemary! The city does look more calm and serene under a blanket of snow.


I love the photo of the sidewalk with the footprints. Stay warm!


What a beautiful scene. There is hardly better than a bustling city draped with snow to quite it for a bit. Such serene shots. I love the drops on the pine needles.

Tara Bradford

Sounds good, Christina. Maybe you'll win a copy of your own! :)

Tara Bradford

I didn't think you were being ungracious, Carolien - just concerned about the people in Gaza and that's something we have in common.

Tara Bradford

Hi Gabriela,

Thanks for your lovely comments! Maybe someday we'll get more snow here. :)

Carolien van der Gaag

Please forgive me for being ungracious, Tara. The gift is a lovely idea.

Gabriela Delworth

Hello from Toronto,

I actually won't laugh at the Parisian snow...:o) These photos are wonderful!
Thanks for sharing.

~ Gabriela ~


I want to come read with you. I can read one chapter, you the next. If we get sleepy, we can look out of your window on to that beautiful, inviting street of yours until we fall asleep.

; )


Tara Bradford

Thank you, Birthday Girl! I'm having fun with the new lens. Hope you can come along on that walk sometime! xoxox

Tara Bradford

Susan, thank you. Yes, the air was clean and crisp - not too cold - when I took the photos. Today it is frigid with cold, even though the snow has stopped. As for Gaza, what hurts one harms all in this vast global village. And yes, how many times to we have to witness such atrocities before it will be enough and minds and hearts - and behaviour - will be changed forever??!!

Gillian daSilva

Gorgeous images Tara!!!
And your street! How romantic is your view? You must be in love with your city.
Thanks for the walk in the wonderland.


Beautiful photographs... we have been there in the frigid winter time and it has its own loveliness, just as the other seasons do. The air must have been so sharp and clean when you took these...
Thank you for keeping Gaza "upfront" in everyone's minds. It is so easy to get caught up in everyday life and forget the horrendous events that are unfolding around us... but I truly believe what happens to one, happens to us all. When will "enough" finally be "enough"?

Tara Bradford

Thank you for the lovely compliments. As for a more peaceful world, I think that's what we all long for...and I hope it's not too much to ask.

Anon the Elder

Your photographs have captured what most of us miss ....because we are always in too much of a hurry! Thankyou for reminding me to go down a gear!I really think you have cracked it and can safely discard the instructions!
.............I really, really want a pair of furry boots.....and I would dearly love to have a macro lens.............but more than that I want for us all to enjoy living our lives in a peaceful world.Am I asking for too much?........Anon the Elder.

Tara Bradford

Absolutely, dear Yoli! Thanks for the compliment. Yes, Paris is lovely when covered with snow. Much of it has melted today, but it's still very pretty.


Stunning! I love snow and snow in Paris must be heaven on earth. Can I still enter?

Tara Bradford

Leau, I think your son must be quite wonderful, to question and want to change things. He is lucky to have you as a mom! Thanks for the kind words about my poem and my photos.

As for Gaza,Let's hope wiser heads prevail all around soon, before more bloodshed and devastation in Gaza. xoxox

Tara Bradford

Thank you, Nancy! Had no idea about all the snow in Vancouver lately. Yes, I know you are one of those who practices peace on a daily basis - your students are so lucky to have your influence as a teacher!


Dear friend, on Saturday my son and I were having a discussion about the heart break of a religious war and how no one can win and I shared with him the quote Tangobaby had on her blog from Buddha about not believing in something just because it has been told to you by your religious leaders and last night I shared your poem with him. Today it will this quote. That softening of the heart is the only thing that will change the way we treat others. Not education, not weapons, not meetings or documents...and so many great people have said this to all of us over and over again. Why can't the "big guys" understand that? When will we get it? I guess you can't demand a change of heart...

On another note, love Paris in the winter through your new lens! smooches

Nancy Sotham

Lovely photos of the snow in Paris, Tara. We have had lots of snow for the past 3 weeks and the city of Vancouver has been paralyzed by it. It makes me wonder how the city is going to cope when they host the Winter Olympics next year!

I am praying for peace in Gaza and in the world. Practicing peace is something I strive for on a daily basis.

Tara Bradford

Helen, thank you! Paris is quite lovely in the snow - but isn't everywhere, those first few hours when the snow is falling - before it turns to slush and mud? :) When we first moved to Paris, it snowed a couple of times every winter and the snow would remain for three days or so. In the last couple of years, it snows less and doesn't last long. I blame global warming!


You have captured the silent beauty and essence of snow. Congratulations on excellent snow photos. Very beautiful! The thought of Paris in the snow is breathtaking to me.

Tara Bradford

How very kind you are, Shirley. Thank you so much!

Tara Bradford

I think the people in Gaza - while in the midst of war - can concentrate only on surviving. Changing attitudes can happen only after hostilities have ceased and reparations have begun - a long and painful process. Peace in the Middle East has been elusive for decades and it's primarily because the hardliners do everything possible to undermine any workable solutions.

Tara Bradford

Gemma, thank you! The snow does make things look quiet and rather peaceful, doesn't it? If only the reality matched the appearance.

Tara Bradford

Thanks for the lovely compliment. As for Gaza, it is incomprehensible how medics can be targeted - yet it's happened time and time again the past few days. Just pathetic and a terrible way for the Israelis to try to win their next election.

Tara Bradford

Ah, the beach in Sydney! Sounds so lovely and warm. Thanks for the compliment about my photos. Yes, these are challenging times - sadly, those who perpetuate the war are the ones who most need to soften their hearts, but least likely to do so. You're right about our spirits. Merci bien!

Tara Bradford

Elizabeth, thanks so much. Yes, I don't get to wear those boots nearly often enough. That line from the poem is a good one for us to remember. Sadly, those who practice war don't seem very thoughtful.

Tara Bradford

And to you, Robyn. Thanks so much!

Tara Bradford

Thank you, Diane. I think one of the things I love about snowfall is how it makes everything look so clean and crisp and peaceful. For once we don't notice the dirt and mud, etc., but focus on the beauty. I noticed after taking that street scene photo that the wind had blown one of the lanterns completely around in the opposite direction!

Tara Bradford

Amy, thank you - I hope someday to live up to your words. At the moment, I'm still experimenting with that lens. But it's fun playing around with it and trying to improve my skills.

Tara Bradford

Merci, mon ami. Merci. xoxox

Tara Bradford

Thanks for the compliments, but yours are lovely. As for Paris in the winter - I wouldn't advise it, unless you're in a warm, toasty hotel room. Most Paris apartments are poorly insulated and heated; consequently, one feels the damp and it is hard to keep warm. I am always wearing layers of clothes when at home - even with the heat on! We're always happy when spring arrives and the inefficient heating can be retired. The huge electricity bills in winter are a nightmare!

Tara Bradford

Anna, you're right - the snow made me feel happy and hopeful. Thanks for the lovely compliment. I expect you'll be wearing your warm boots more often than I. Yes, peace is certainly needed and it begins at home. xoxox

Tara Bradford

Thank you, Robin. I have a lot still to learn about the lens, but I'm intrigued by its promise. Your prayer is a beautiful one.

Tara Bradford

Marilyn, I appreciate your kind and encouraging words. Yes, it's unconscionable the role the US administration is playing here. And you're right about the attitude of much of the Middle East towards us. Many years ago when I first went to the Middle East as a correspondent, Americans were admired. Sadly, those days are over.

Tara Bradford

Thanks, Lisa. Am still playing around with the lens, trying to figure it out. But it's fun to see everything close-up. xoxox

Tara Bradford

Yes, one of the rare occasions it's cold enough to wear furry boots here! But Paris covered in snow is a beautiful sight - wish you were here! xoxox

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