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09 February 2009


Tara Bradford

It was a great day. And the wedding was an unexpected treat!

Di Overton

Oh you old romantic you. How wonderful though

Tara Bradford

Grant, thank you. You're doing wonders for my confidence level today. :)

Tara Bradford

Send them this post and maybe you'll convince them, Lauren. :)

Tara Bradford

That it was, Di!

Tara Bradford

Yes, a life without adventure would be dull indeed.


Wonderful connection! Great writing! WOW!!


Wow what a fun time! I wish I could convince my Canadian friends to visit NYC with me! :o)

Megan Butel

The other thing about the shop girl is - well - she's a shop girl and not an erudite, trilingual, woman of letters who is spontaneously invited to sip champagne at the Plaza.

Although she does get to say "Price check on line 3" in french. Ha ha ha!!


That sounded like the most excellent day. :)

Tara Bradford

It was a magical day, Becca. So much fun and then witnessing a romantic wedding - we were lucky!

Tara Bradford

Megan, thanks so much for the kudos! Maybe you're right about the shopgirl. :)


I have yet to meet any of my blogging friends in person, but each time I read of these meetings and the wonderful personal connections, it's thrilling to think about!

This day sounds absolutely magical!

Megan Butel

You are a walking Woody Allen movie (although somewhat more lighthearted!)

Wow what a magic day. I also loved the post about the bicycle poetry. I went to your friends site - fell in love with her too - bloglines is being difficult at the moment and won't add the feed to my subscriptions :-(

I shall have to bookmark her blog and try again later.

As for the surly shop girl - she was probably jealous of your Cath Kidston bags.


Tara Bradford

"Postsful?" Thanks, Chris. And by the way, I was touched when you said you printed out my posts to read at the hairdresser. :)

Tara Bradford

Oh, it was such fun! And those flags really did seem to bring us good luck. :)

Tara Bradford

Toma, what a great story! Thanks for sharing it. I shall be seeing Blandine next month and will give her your regards.

Tara Bradford

Graciel, thanks for your lovely comments. You were lucky to meet Gillian too!


oh, come ON! This is a fantasy!

Thanks for all the links. I have three postsful (actual term) of links to follow now!

I'm glad to be catching up yet again. Your blog is delish.

Tara Bradford

Oh Am, you'll love New York! What a great city; so much to see and do.

Tara Bradford

Constance, yes, it's a wonderful thing when kindred spirits get together in person - as you well know! xoxox

Tara Bradford

Rebecca, so good to hear from you! It's been too long. Thanks for the invitation - wouldn't that be fun??!! Hope all is well. Will be by soon to catch up. xo

Tara Bradford

Let's hope so! It was a magical day and a thrill for both Gillian and me to witness the wedding.

Tara Bradford

Why thank you, Judith! What a lovely thing to say.

Tara Bradford

We'll figure something out, yes in warmer weather! I wish we'd had more time too, but New York was a great start! xoxox

Tara Bradford

Barry and Barbara are charming and lead interesting lives. It will be great to see them again!

Tara Bradford

Ah yes, New York and its stories. Love that city! I spent the next day on my own, walking around and revisiting some old haunts. I still adore it, but don't think I'd live there again, unless I was really wealthy.

Tara Bradford

Thank you, Christina! It was a thrill for Gill and me to witness their wedding. Such a special moment. Getting to spend time with them afterwards was a bonus!

Tara Bradford

Dear Anna, I do hope you and Gillian have the opportunity to meet. And there's nothing like champagne for special occasions! :)


I love the part about the "magic" Obama flags. I have a friend who swears she finds more parking spots now that her car sports an Obama bumper sticker.

I can picture Dali on that rock, such a great image!

Your day sounds like my kind of adventure.

The Antiques Diva

What an absolutely sweet post... thanks for sharing it with us! I made a similiar friend in the blogosphere - she writes the Victorian Cobweb blog (an antique shopping blog/based in Oklahoma - my home state), and has the same bizarre first name as I do. As I've yet to meet anyone else named Toma, I had to email her... and before long a friendship was made! We met the first time in Oklahoma over the holidays while I was there visiting family and it was a friendship made in heaven! Your story today made me smile.
Toma, aka The Antiques Diva


How VERY cool!! So happy you had a good time together, and her pics look amazing. Can't wait to get there someday!



Do love THIS POST Tara!!! I'm sure Gillian feels the same way about YOU!!!
You two so both serendipitous and willing to go with the flow. It makes life beautiful to be open and kind, to share in others joy, by witnessing a sacred moment in their lifes.
Couldn't think of two better flower girls
or witnesses!!

So happy you were able to put the body with the spirit!
Hurray to Blogland for all the wonderful and amazing connections we make.



what a wonderful day for you both...i hope you have the most fun ever...if you get too cold you can come visit me in florida...hugs, rebecca

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

Isn't it fascinating how technology can open the heart and connect kindred souls? It is one of the great joys of blogging. I, too, have met the glorious Gillian and look forward to a next adventure.

Another joy of technology has been the glimpse of Paris you have given me. And the kindred political spirit I enjoyed in all your posts last fall.

Looking foward to more glimpses from your most interesting corner of the world.


Now how magical a day is that?! What a wonderful story! "And they all lived happily ever after."


Tara -- -
Just a glorious story ... . thanks so much for sharing! As this was the first piece I've read on the first day of this week, I take it as an omen that this will be a glorious week. (can't wait to see what comes next.... . )

Gillian daSilva

Oh Tara, I opened your email only moments after resaving your voice message. I'm a sentimental fool!
This post really summed up the fun, and whirlwind adventures of our day. It was like a few days rolled into one. I wish we had more time...when our cab dropped you off at your hotel after dinner, it took me a few minutes to realize that it may be a long time before I see you again. I sure hope not! (Snif.)
The Henry Darger exhibit was truly an extraordinary one...what a story there. It makes you wonder how many artists will be discovered posthumously. Many an attic holds a treasure!
Okay, now we really must plan to get together again. Why not seasonally? How about in the warmer weather? Washington?
Thanks for such a lovely account Tara.


What a fantastic story! So many chance encounters and good fortune all around. I love that you will meet with the wedding couple again... what a great story to share and remember for all of you about "how we met."

And Gillian is lovely. What a fun story to read today.


What a lovely New York and then some. Your chronicle of the day needs helps everyone participate in the events!


I loved reading this! How beautiful that these blogs have formed the most wonderful relationships. I remember reading Gillian's blog saying- wow they were witnesses to people beginning their lives together. How awesome is that.

Thank you for sharing and might I add, this is a gorgeous photo!


What a wonderful adventure! Life's adventures are what make for dreams and reminiscents as we get older.


Be it Paris or New York having a whilwind tour with you as a guide Tara makes for an unforgettable experience! But of course you always toast with champagne!It seems like the Parisian thing to do!
Your day together sounds wonderful and a friendship blossoms regardeless the miles that separate you! Our blogging networking becomes smaller as we meet one another in person. Gillian lives not far from my town..perhaps I'll have the pleasure in the months ahead to meet her adventurous charming spirit.

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