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10 February 2009


Tara Bradford

Thank you for the lovely compliments! I appreciate you taking the time to write. How I'd love to visit the markets in Iran! Sounds like you brought home some good finds. I've just been reading your blog about your Iran adventure and would have loved to be along, photographing it all and just observing. It's rare that a Westerner gets such access and I appreciate your posts about your trip.

William Horberg

Very cool. Dutchbaby turned me on to your impressive blog. I love those old photographs. I just got back from 10 days in Iran and visited the markets in Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan. Mostly filled with Chinese junk, sadly, but I got a beautiful chainmail handmade belt for my wife, and a necklace of old coins that look very much like the ones in your photo. You can read about my Iran adventure at my blog at Bravo!


WOW! These photo collages (or whatever they may be dubbed) are wonderful!I know that I should be commenting on the story but I'm not always known to do what I should :-)
Hope all is well with you and yours :-)

Tara Bradford

Well I'm not always so lucky, Di. But I'll be happy to try. Still waiting to hear the dates for the March version. Will let you know soon.

Di Overton

If we get to the Ham Fair together you can do all my bargaining :)

Tara Bradford

I hope so, Relyn! Certainly I won't forget it. Thanks for the lovely compliment!


Oh my, oh my. I am still catching my breath at this wonderful post. I am thrilled for your good fortune and the joy it brought to me in the form of story and magic images. I've traveled a little bit - only a little - and I've always been amazed at how much it seems to mean to people when you know even just a little of their language. You charmed that antiques dealer and created a new memory for him. I bet he thinks the price of your encounter was well worth it.

Tara Bradford

Merci bien, Cathy! I appreciate the encouraging words.


Your last two posts are phenomenal...I need to visit you more often, lol, this is so inspiring

Paris Parfait

Merci bien, Melanie. Am looking forward to that post of yours!

Mélanie Aussandon

I love your souvenirs de voyage . You made me want to write a post about Voyage . I'm going to do it at the end of the week

Tara Bradford

Thanks, Steph. Aren't the Lehnert & Landrock photos wonderful?

Tara Bradford

Marilyn, thank you. I adore the necklace too. Both pieces have such character.

Tara Bradford

It was one incredibly lucky day for me!


Tara, what a story! I ADORE the photographs with these incredible objects.


Very sly you are! Love the dagger, but really love the coin necklace. What a lovely collection of pictures too.


Another delicious story and not only is the dagger beautiful but I love the idea of the coins tinkling together. Lovely!

Tara Bradford

Toma, I appreciate the kind words! Once in a while these treasure hunts actually yield treasure, right? You know all about that.

Tara Bradford

Thank you so much! It was one very lucky day.

Tara Bradford

Thank you, Deb. I was lucky - when he mentioned about the cold winters in Scotland and wishing for the desert, I had an inkling that he may have had an Arab background. But with his green eyes and fair skin, I wouldn't have known otherwise. And his wife was Parisian.

Tara Bradford

Yes, the L&L photographs are timeless in their beauty. Thanks for the kudos. And wouldn't it be great to know the history of the ceremonial dagger?

Tara Bradford

It's wonderful - of course I'm not sure that I'll actually wear it, as it's so old and more of a decorative thing. But just to pick it up and hear it jingle is wonderfully melodious. I have an antique silver prayer necklace from Yemen that makes a similar sound and I do wear it on occasion.

Tara Bradford

Hi Susan - Lovely to hear from you again. Sounds like you have quite a few haggling stories of your own to share. I'm quite sure if I were French, that dealer would never have lowered the price so dramatically. Sometimes being a foreigner is an asset.

Tara Bradford

It is lovely, isn't it? For some reason, in the photo some of the coins look almost bronze, but they are all silver.

Tara Bradford

Movie? I'm still focused on the book. But thanks for the encouragement. :)

Tara Bradford

Yes, to know the history would be fascinating!

Tara Bradford

Merci bien, Colette! It was a lucky day. I also found bits of lace, some Napoleon III silver and some prayer books from the 1800s!

The Antiques Diva

Excellent blog today.... I'm so not worthy!


Fantastic story! I'm so impressed how you kept your cards so close to the vest. Nice to have a bit of Arabic to toss out when in need.

Beautiful photos - brilliant idea to place the objects on beautiful photos.

JanePoet ~ JP/deb

It's amazing what happens when one forms a real connection! You are not only good at the bargain, but great at the art of connecting. What a lovely find :) xx, deb


Incredible! I am all warm inside, after reading this. I wonder what stories, this piece holds? The pictures, the pictures...bliss. : )

Wonders Never Cease

That dagger really is gorgeous. And those photographs--amazing!
I'd love to hear the tinkle of that coin necklace!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

Aaahhh, for me it is the Moroccan necklace that has me breathless...


Hi Tara! I'm enjoying your writings so much... I'm so grateful to have found you through Maryam in Marrakech! I just had to comment on this post because we, too, love old daggers. Ours were purchased in Istanbul and your story of the bargaining process brought back so many wonderful memories. When my Turkish husband and I would be searching for old pieces (or anything, for that matter!) I would just smile (hum... I know it sounds terrible) and let him do the talking because the MOMENT they thought I was a yabanci (foreigner) the prices would rise astronomically! I know a few words of Arabic (many are similar to Turkish) and somehow it has always worked out fine! What a lovely adventure for you. (and yes, John, please PLEASE sit down!!)


You're so awesome! This story is gonna be in the movie, right?!

I love these photos, too.

Pam aries

I wonder what tales that dagger could tell , if indeed the dagger dared. Ahah!

Colette Copeland

Good for you. I love this story.

Tara Bradford

Hi Judith - thank you! I haven't lived in Amman since June 1993. But I still have quite a few friends there and am hoping to go for a visit late this fall.

Tara Bradford

It's funny how some dealers really don't like to bargain. And sometimes I don't bother even trying. But with this guy, I sensed he liked to talk, so I kept talking, with a happy result! As for languages, neither my French nor my Arabic are very good, but I can get by.

Tara Bradford

Why thank you, ma'm! You are kind!


Great story, Tara ... .
not many could toss in the "do you speak Arabic"!
Also, just love the way you photographed these pieces over the beautiful
black & white photos. Well done ... . Judith

I've been wanting to ask -
were you in Amman in the mid 90's?
Perhaps we have a mutual friend :-)

BJ Lantz

Score! I love a good haggle! The dagger is beautiful. I adore the flea markets in Paris and unfortunately speak very little French (and no Arabic :-), so I manage to do all my bargaining on handy little notebook I keep in my pocket. It seems to work :-)


Tara, how can you continue to surprise?

This is beautiful. and GREAT photographic record.

Tara Bradford

Ha ha - my Arabic is very basic; I think he was impressed that I knew any at all. And it was a gamble asking if he spoke Arabic. He had green eyes and didn't look Arab. But he had said the Scottish winters made him long for the desert, so I thought it was worth a shot. Am I glad I took the chance! :)


Wow! I want to go antiquing with YOU! (But I know no Arabic, so I'm hosed.) That's a gorgeous dagger--what a treasure. He's probably kicking himself now for being mesmerized by the lovely American who can speak Arabic. How about we make you an ambassador?

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