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02 February 2009


Tara Bradford

Merci bien! Yes, that's my macro lens. It's only the third time I've used it, so am still learning. xo

Robin Laws

your vignette at the top is beautiful tara!! i love the focus on the notebook. is that a little macro action?


I don't know if you've ever shopped at Ghurka (they used to have a store here on Post but it's closed now) because they had the most gorgeous travel inspired leather goods and satchels. You would love them.

I used to love the real OLD Banana Republic (and I love that you remember them too). That was one of the only places where I would buy my school clothes (yes, I'm dating myself here) and I went to school looking like I was Indiana Jones' sidekick, but I loved their stuff. And their old illustrated catalogs were awesome. I should have saved some. I miss that store. I'd probably still be dressing like I was on safari.

Tara Bradford

Sounds like a really memorable trip, full of joy! So glad you have such fond memories. Not sure about the plant; we'll see if it survives until spring. :) xoxox


Hmm... that would have to be the first time my parents took me home to Jamaica. I am one of the few family members that were born in the states. I remember thinking, these people are the loudest people I have ever met! I loved that! My cheeks were pinched more than the law allowed! I fell in love with cooking there! I was 7.

I think your plant, still has some life to it! : )

Tara Bradford

Ah, so you remember it too? Wasn't the REAL Banana Republic the greatest? Everyone loved it; too bad the new owners failed to sustain the magic. And those photos of London snow made me feel very homesick for London. When we last lived there (in 2000), it snowed and the whole city came virtually to a standstill, transportation-wise. But it was so incredibly beautiful. As for the lace collection at the V&A - ANY collection at the V&A - love it all! Every time I go (once a month or so) I stay at a little hotel in South Kensington and can walk to the V&A.

Thank you for the lovely honour! I left a message on your blog.


Tara -
What found memories of the REAL Banana Republic. Looking at your wonderful bag is like seeing an old friend! There seems to be a safari theme today -- check out Joni's lovely post at Cote de Texas. Vicki/French Essences' photos of London snow have me recalling a trip to London in the mid '80's ... . my husband was called home on a business emergency, which left me with 2 glorious weeks to ramble around alone before our return trip on the Concorde. The non-refundable tickets left me with TWO seats: what an incredible luxury!
I spent most of many of my days studying the lace collections at the V & A. Truly a gift and an unexpected treat , which would have never happened had I not been left alone. All things work out for the best :-))
I left you a little something on my blog ... .


Tara Bradford

They are a bit expensive, aren't they? Luckily for me, my BR bag is still going strong. But I was thinking of getting a small (and inexpensive) Billingham bag to carry just one camera body and one or two lenses, for jaunts around town. I saw one at FNAC; must check the size. As for the video, I am smitten, every time I watch it! Makes me want to fly out of here to someplace exotic.

Tara Bradford

You're right about the safari look! And that video IS stunning - both photography and music.

Tara Bradford

It's nice that so many of us have fond memories of the original Banana Republic. Too bad when they sold the store, it lost its identity and appeal and became just another store. As for journeys, I think the best one is yet to come.

Tara Bradford

Snorkeling in Hawaii sounds like fun! Isn't the photography in that video gorgeous? Just watching it makes me want to get on a plane.

Tara Bradford

Melanie, thank you so much!


I loved the award winning video. What beautiful photography. Oh how I would love to take pictures like that and travel the world.

Memorable travels are sometimes in the head or with a video like that as I escape for a few moments. I think sipping tea in a small tea shop near the Eiffel Tower is one of my treasured memories. Also snorkling in Hawaii and having a whale come up to see us is a treasure of memories.


I used to live a stone's throw away from the original Banana Republic store in Mill Valley. I bought a safari-looking jumpsuit and wore it the first time my husband and I went to Europe together. I don't have a favorite trip, other than the next one, but that trip is on my list of all-time greats.

Mélanie Aussandon

Your last pictures touched me , I like it . I can not explain why


Y'know what's funny? The Safari look seems to be hitting the runways again:) I do dream of a day when I can pack up a bag and wander across the pond to see castles and rivers and abbeys and mountains ... but here is great for now:)

Oh, the video is stunning. wow.


Oh ... I would like one of those camera bags!!! But it's another whole series of big jobs I think. Thanks for the the youtube, I borrowed it.

Tara Bradford

I do remember that scene and can understand its appeal - especially at a Catholic university! :) My answer about my favourite journey is the same as yours.

Tara Bradford

Colette, I have hung on to that catalogue all these years - it's so clever and imaginative. When the original owners sold BR, that seemed to be the end of the glamour and romance aspect of the company. So disappointing now. The last time I was in a BR store w/ Jordana, neither of us was impressed.

Tara Bradford

I agree with you about BR losing its charm. It's changed so much. I still have that catalogue - it's a work of art. Haven't been to China, but it's on my list.

Colette Copeland

I was a huge Banana Republic fan (the original company), and had many of their items in my closet. I still have a khaki shirt and three bone bangles... Of course that was in the days when I was a travel correspondent. I shopped at their San Francisco store and the rest of the time through their wonderful catalogue (remember it?).

Ahhh, some of the old days were good old days!


Tara I used to love going to Banana republic and reading their store catalogue, filled with drawings and tales of what each garment or bag was inspired from, I missed that so much. Now it looks like an Ann Taylor store. Has lost all of its charm, I remember how it was decorated like a jungle...sigh. That bag is gorgeous, always treasure it, the passport holder must have looked beautiful.

I have been to many places but I don't know if it is due to sentimentality but my favorite place right now is China. Standing on the great wall and looking at the expanse was altering for me.

Allegra Smith

Oh Tara, one of my favorites too. I was madly in love with Paul Henreid there and in Casablanca. I was in college when I first saw it and all the boys at the University from the Cinema Club got into the habit of lighting two cigarettes at once. Remember that?
I didn't even smoke, but I always took the cigarette if offered because I thought it was the most romantic and sexy thing I was allowed to do in a Catholic University without being thrown out. I gladly exchange my favorite pair of shoes for a couple of minutes to relive such innocence. My favorite journey?
the one yet to start.

Tara Bradford

Hi Mary - Thanks! It is a good bag. I was looking for a similar bag as a gift for someone who admires it. And I need a smaller version of that bag for the times I'm running around town with a camera and only one lens.

Mary T.

I love the looks of your old camera bag. Is there a particular reason you need a new one. The old looks great to me.

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