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05 February 2009


Tara Bradford

I should have thought to ask you what to do when it first came back that dull, drab matte. I'm pleased with it now, although it's not what I intended.

Di Overton

Fabulous! I use a pewter paint on black and dark grey and it makes a vast difference. I love that it now glistens instead of soaking up the light.

Tara Bradford

Relyn, thank you! How wonderful that you got to see that production of Arabian Nights! It's one of my favourite books, but I've never seen a film to do it justice. Hope I get the chance to see a theatre production. Do write about it - what fun!

Tara Bradford

It probably helped that I was there to say "add more," because at first the glint of silver looked more like a pale grey whitewash, which didn't work for me. And I am a good customer, so they are happy to please.


It is just wonderful, magical. I loved reading this just now. This weekend we went to see Mary Zimmerman's production of Arabian Nights at the Kansas City Rep. It was magical. Your post reminded me of my lovely weekend. I must write about it. Soon.


Well done! How nice of you to give them a chance to make things right. I like that they didn't go overboard with the silver - it was just the right amount of glint.

Tara Bradford

Thanks, Amber. It is quite different, isn't it? I was looking at the photos we took together in San Francisco (when copying all my photo files onto DVD) and they're really lovely of you. Too bad I look awful in most of them. :) xo

Tara Bradford

Hi Helen - Yes, it's a two-piece buffet. Thanks for the kind words about my blogging anniversary. Don't worry - I haven't been blog-visiting much lately either, as I've been snowed under with writing deadlines. Sadly, you're right about rudeness - it's everywhere, but very unexpected in Paris, where politeness is considered important in social interaction. Of course this was business interaction - still, the clerk was over-the-top.
The city is quite lovely in the snow. It happens so rarely, we get excited like children. I can imagine that the kind of snow you are experiencing gets rather tiresome. Thanks for your kind words, Helen!

Tara Bradford

Oh, wouldn't that be fun??!! Thank you, Gill. It certainly has changed the look of the room. xoxox

Tara Bradford

Thanks so much Jeanie. Yes, Lehnert & Landrock's photos have a timeless quality. I love them and have a growing collection (but not enough room to hang them all. Two are hanging in the dining room; several are in a linen closet, waiting for more space).

Tara Bradford

Alex, thank you! I have a collection of those photos - the heliogravures are from a rare prints dealer in Arizona; the photographs I bought from various sources and one (not pictured)is from our friend Maryam's source.

Tara Bradford

Merci bien, Melanie. Would love to see your collection of photos de voyages.

Tara Bradford

Thank you, Di! You know who did it - I threw in the Parisienne reference so people wouldn't assume it was you. :)


I like it!



Different--and quite lovely! Coincidentally, I saw some wonderfully silver leafed antiques at an auction recently that I was enamored with. Really love the look and that subtle glimmer of silver.

I am guessing from its name that this might be a two piece/section buffet? It certainly is fab! I had to chuckle at the comment about moving it to another room...

Happy anniversary on blogging! I have not been to your blog as frequently as usual and am truly enjoying catching up!

Rudeness is rampant....sorry you find it Paris as I saw in one of your other posts.

Paris in the snow....sigh....wish I were there! We are buried in snow here and it is beginning to lose its romance.

As always it is lovely visiting your blog!

Gillian daSilva

Oooh Tara it looks perfectly exotic and loved. I'm enamoured!!!
Especially your personal touch of the Lehnert tableau you have made this extraordinary.
Man you need to come do my home....


Well, THAT's lovely! (And I love the photographs, as well -- must check that link.) You know you've made a booboo when you hear "maybe that should go in another room so I don't have to look at it!" Wonderful!


Great job, Tara. You have such talent for restoration! And those photographs are so gorgeous... Where did you get them? I'll have to learn more about that photographer now! Miss you xo

Mélanie Aussandon

I love your photos de voyages. I have a collection of them . It looks gorgeous with silver leaves


I love it, well done!

Tara Bradford

Thanks, Robin. As for my friend, she was paid for her services. :) When her assistant originally worked on the piece, it was in a room without electricity (yes, such places still exist in France), so she didn't really notice the finish was too matte, until it was delivered to my apartment.

Robin Laws

I'm with christina on this tara. i see the art and go wow!

"Tara, I could barely take my eyes of the photographs in the first shot.
I don't think I have ever laid my eyes on anything more breathtaking.
I think all of it, so comes together in the last shot. : )"

it is a large piece and beautiful. i am sure it is a focal point so better to fall in love than to regret and feel bad about it. your friend is a good friend for working with you with such a good attitude :)

Tara Bradford

Missy, thank you! So sweet of you to take the time to write, particularly when you're engulfed in a whirlwind of wedding planning and activities! What an exciting time for your family! Hope everything goes according to plan and you can relax and enjoy the festivities!

Tara Bradford

Thank you so much! I think it looks better in daylight than in the glow of lamps though. The latter makes the silver appear as a really strong contrast.


Dear Tara,
Although belated many,many,many happy returns on your THIRD blogging
anniversary! I have been overwhelmed with getting ready for daughter's
quick coming wedding. She became engaged at Christmas and the wedding is
Feb 21st....egads!!! So much to do and I'm so behind on my fav blog(thank
goodness for archives!). I have not forgotten winning my lovely 'bee' plaque!
and will catch up with you at the end of Feb.
Again congrats and thank you for your incredible blog.
Kindest regards, Missy from the bayou

to seek and find

A happy accident indeed! It's a gorgeous piece, I love how you made it work by resting meaningful items on its top, while waiting for the January finish! TA-DA!

Tara Bradford

Thanks so much! It was a risk with unexpected results. But I like it better than the original version, which had its day.

Tara Bradford

Thanks so much, Steph. Of course, by changing the look, the value of the antique piece instantly fell. But as I'm planning to hold on to it, the resale value isn't an issue.

Tara Bradford

Christina, I have a collection of Lehnert & Landrock heliogravures and photographs. I adore their images taken in Tunis and Egypt! Many of their black-and-white photos are still produced from the original plates at the Lehnert & Landrock bookshop in Cairo. But I bought the heliogravures from a rare print dealer based in Arizona.

Tara Bradford

Thanks, Beth. Coming from you, that's a high compliment!

Tara Bradford

Rebekah, thank you! You're right about taking that step. I was hesitant to change the finish, as it instantly reduces the value of the antique. But I decided I wasn't planning to sell it in my lifetime and I doubted my daughter would want it in its original finish, so I took a chance. Normally I won't touch an antique's finish, to preserve its integrity (unless it's a small piece that needs sympathetic restoration, which still leaves it looking as it always has).


It is PERFECT! I love the distressed edges and the handrubbed finish. Yes, the silver leaf is just exactly what it needed! I would be ecstatic. Thank you for sharing - and inspiring! It is hard to take that step to change the finish of a very old piece; it somehow verges on sacrilege. But what a payoff for your courage!

Beth Evans-Ramos

Oh my goodness - the transformation of your buffet cabinet is splendid. It was beautiful before, but now it has style galore!

Beth of The Salvage Studio


Tara, I could barely take my eyes of the photographs in the first shot. I don't think I have ever laid my eyes on anything more breathtaking. I think all of it, so comes together in the last shot. : )

I must hit the link you have listed. OMGoodness!



Tara, it's really did change the entire feeling of the piece. I love the silver leaf in the flower accents!



I love it! Beautiful makeover. Sometimes you just have to take a chance!

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