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22 April 2009



Your photos are exquisite. Love them.

my castle in spain

Dear Tara,
just wanted to send you a big hug after catching up with your last post.
Take time for yourself because you are the number one! and..oh..i recognize so much the virgo in you ! the strong, hard working virgo...

congratulations for your daughter's wedding and cant wait to see her dress!

all the best to you and enjoy le week end !!


Lovely photos, Tara. I joined in the mosaic project too. Happy Earth Day! xo

susanna's sketchbook

Oh cool! You would be the perfect Paris tour guide, Tara.


Happy Earth Day! Just downloaded my pic of the day. Now, where do we see the finished mosaic?


Beautiful work! And perhaps someday soon (five, six weeks or so!), I'll see it, too!


how are you? hope all is well in your world


Hi Miss Parfait, I LOVE stopping by your page, always so inspiring especially with the pictures

Gillian daSilva

I'm in love with these shots.
I'll post some too.


Love the signs!



Oh great photos dedicated for Earth Mosaic '09, dearest Tara. Inspired very much, and did my contribution from Istanbul. It's accepted, and confirmed as great, yiipppe:) Happy me, Happy Istanbul:)
I'll share it on my page as well. Happy Earth Day.


Art Nouveau; my favorite style


Your little piece of the world looks wonderful! I've been trying to see photos on the big map but it doesn't want to work....technical difficulties on this beautiful earth day I guess....



The guy on the bike is classic! ; ) I am loving these.


Fabulous photos!!!
Especially the painting of the Metro sign appeals...


Great picture.... Crazy how your eye sees things before you have finished your first cup of coffee... I had been looking at my daughters pictures of a monkey park in Malaysia and then I pulled up your post, not having scrolled down yet, and thought... Ah! Tara got a picture of a monkey on that sign, how did she do that? LOL Ok, I'll go finish my coffee now! Great photos! As usual!

Tara Bradford

Thank you, Julie. Profound? No; apparently, just something going on in your own area or some place that's typical of the location. xoxox

Tara Bradford

Barbara, thank you! That's a railing to keep people from falling down the metro stairs, not a group of seats. I appreciated the coordination of the bus color too. I took photos without the bus in the background, but liked the fact that different modes of transport were linked by similar shades of green.


I love those signs, and is that a railing, a group of seats? I notice even the bus coordinates with the verdi gris! Delightful, thanks...


i've been wandering around, trying to decide what to photograph. why do i think it has to be profound? it'll probably be sabin's converse all-stars in the end. :-)

love the guy painting that you captured!! and all of the meaning loaded into the colonne de juillet...sigh.


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