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24 April 2009


My Melange

Beautiful photos! I would just love to visit - I love the green set against the crumbling brick walls.


It looks like a lovely place to wander, Tara. Nice work :)


What a beautiful landscape. I love travelling vicariously through your eyes. Wonderful series.


Such a pretty place.

studio wellspring

i am finally taking a moment to check-in on you and your goings on at paris parfait. been way too long. i absolutely love this photo tour ~ such music to my eyes! miss you & think of you often. xxoo!


So beautiful, peaceful and charming...wish I was there. smooches

Gillian daSilva

I'm envious of your green! Wow!!
Lucky you. What a breath of fresh air. Your photos are dreamy, and take me away to spring!
Hopefully it will be 27 degrees here like they predict tomorrow. Bikini weather!
Going to click your link and check out the contest.


I so long for a moat.
Perhaps ... . more than a moat - a drawbridge to pull up and
close out the world.

Another lovely stroll with Tara. Merci, Madame.



I would love to walk there. Wonderful photos! I, too, am attracted to moats and fortresses. I saw my first fortress as a child in St. Augustine, FL, and have sought them out ever since. Like others, I wish I could just transport myself into the photos, tour the grounds, and then walk right into town!


Absolutely stunning pictures, Tara! Those gorgeous, gorgeous walls...sometimes history, seen that close to the surface, makes my heart ache. I'm not sure why...I think it's a kind of joy.

,..and so green there! It's never that green in the part of France my family lived in.


What beautiful sights! Historic locations such as this are so intriguing. I will certainly check out Rachel Carson 2009 project. Thanks for the heads up on the Earth Day pictures, I enjoyed taking a walk and posting one of my pictures.


It looks like the earth is taking back these beautiful structures.

thank you for the heads up on the Rachel Carson 2009 project!


These are so so cool. A place I would love to visit; mysterious from every angle - I bet you had so many photos to try to pick from to upload. I watch lost cities on bbc and they will explore tunnels like these. I have not missed an episode.

Sharon Stockwell

I'm going to look up Montreuil-sur-Mer on google earth? Amazing place and lovely pictures. Thanks from Santa Barbara, s


Just beautiful, Tara. Think of all those walls have heard! I think I could lose myself here, easily ... sink into the moat, there, part of the leaves of grass like Whitman immortalized, hmm?


Any post that includes the words fortress and grassy knolls is bound to put a smile on my face. These pictures are just enchanting. Yep, enchanting, my friend.
; )

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