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12 June 2009



I'm so afraid that Obama's presidency will continue to inspire more viciousness here in our country, because we are too afraid to challenge extremists in our midsts. But at least our antiquated two-party system will keep most of these nutjobs out of any high political office.

What I truly don't understand is how some people in Britain, which came very close to destruction by Nazi Germany, could forget its recent past and that anyone with Nazi-type sympathies could even get close to being an elected official.


Hi Tara,

I love the strong verticals in the top image. Sorry that you had to experience vicious emotions.

Re: television programming...I heard a report the other day that stated that since so much money has been funneled towards creating new technology for television, nothing has gone towards new programming. Reality tv is "cheap" in more ways than one. What we have are old television shows being shown on new digital technology.


Account Deleted

i almost forgot...
when i was traveling
and paying $$$$ per second in cyber cafes,
{{ when i had no television and no BBC,
when i could not read the language
of the local newspaper }}

-----> get ready --->

i popped in Here
to see the Way of the World.


i knew you would have your hand on anything
i needed to know.

so funny
as i read about the Cannes Film Festivsl through You
got Savannah, as well...

{{ isn't life grand? }}

Vicki in Michigan

I, too, try to avoid supporting companies whose owners support things I abhor.

I wonder where Sony's money goes.

sign me -- another lover of London


Sorry, missed the part where you missed the friends but made Liberty. Good girl. :-P


You point out the things we should, as citizens of the world know.
These are terrible article about how ugly people can be. Also, how mental illness, untreated is a breeding ground for hate. Also, fear is something that breeds hate.

Sometimes I listen to see what those people say, on The Mclaughlin report. I can't take too much of it though, it makes me very distraught. SO, this is how I handle it, the only way I know is through my own actions towards other people.
Thank you for your stedfast reporting on the important issues. We all need one another.



Hi Tara,
Welcome home.
Must come back to read more in depth tomorrow.
Thinking of you!
I'm truly sorry about that reader.

Cheryl de los Reyes Cruz

I have a feeling that the recent success of right wing candidates over there in Europe might have their U. S. counterparts salivating. Most of us, though, had had it with fear and hate cultivating candidates. How Sarah Palin (and others like her) can think she has any hopes of succeeding Obama shows how off the extreme right view is. And yet they are so relentless, like army ants.

The murder of the Holocaust museum guard is heartbreaking. I've visited those museums so many times where I would see those guards there usually looking quite bored. I knew they were keeping the artwork safe, but never gave any thought as to how they might be keeping us safe...

Well, enough of that though. I love London! Despite its inconveniences it's still, I think, one of the world's greatest cities. Can't wait to see more of your London photos!


Ahhhh, but you gotta love London for all it's glory! Hope you're making it over to Liberty! Enjoy! Green with envy here!!! xo


Marvin Gaye sang, "only love can conquer hate". I believe this.

Do you find London to be more pricey than paris?

Tara Bradford

Me too, Elizabeth - I love London, no matter what. I did enjoy living there (before moving to Paris), despite all the hassles. And I feel quite anxious if I can't have short jaunts to London every now and then. Despite its shortcomings, it still feels on some level like "home" to me. Maybe it's because the city hasplayed a role in my life for so many years. When I was living in the Middle East, London was where I came for much-needed jolts of Western civilisation, culture and shopping. And no matter where I live, I keep coming back to London and am always happy to be there (even amidst the hassle of the strike. It was a very chaotic trip, but still, it was London!) :)


Tara, I am astounded by the 'hate' talk I hear and this latest horror at the Holocaust Museum. I also have a dear friend whose son is gay and considering buying a gun to protect himself.

I though, am happily ensconced in my Mango world with the new pup :)


Gillian daSilva

Welcome back!
Sorry about your transit woes, hopefully a higher purpose was at work and you were exactly where you were meant to be.
Hate stinks. That holocaust museum is a wonder; a necessary thing serving a purpose to perhaps engage and challenge people to give up hate altogether. To say I enjoyed my visit there would be wrong, I learned much from my visit there. It's rather upsetting and emotionally wrenching at times. We need to step back from our cosy existence once in a while to see the realities of the world. Live for a moment what others have gone through.

As for your hate reader, look on the bright side, maybe your words educated...and they left with a nugget or two for thought.

As for me, I've found the right story. I'm on the right track to savouring each moment of it. I'm no longer projecting, which helps tremendously in that department. The now, is all we have.
I have secrets. But they will travel with me to the grave, as to resurrect them now would not do them any justice. They lie in peace, patiently waiting for the rest of me to join them.


Elizabeth Rhiannon

Should be 'receive' not 'have receive'...that's what happens when I make too many changes while typing!

Elizabeth Rhiannon

You hooked me with 'London' in the title :) Yes, London is over-crowded and polluted and...well, I don't need to tell you. When I'm there, although I dislike big cities the older I get, I do feel ALIVE and have receive a kind of 'good energy'. London is perhaps one of the only big cities I think I could be forgiving of its shortcomings. I suppose your recent trip was much different; the hassle of the strike and trying to get to appt.s, understood. I can't wait for your next London pics and blogs...thanks again ;)


Tara -
Your London journey sounds like quite the struggle and frustration .
You must be happy to be back at home.

I find the popularity of those reality shows here in the US to be such
a disturbing commentary on the mindset of the masses .. . . and it's difficult
to find anything worth watching on TV. I tend to historical films and lots
of BBC series to avoid polluting my mind!


Tara Bradford

Helen, thank you! I didn't get as many photos as usual in London, as much of the time it was either pouring rain or I was stuck on a bus (although I did see parts of London I'd never seen before). But I do have a few quirky photos coming up.

As for your experience at that store, all the more reason why we must speak out to combat such ignorance. Too many people seem to have forgotten that it was George W. Bush et al who wrecked the economy; Obama simply is trying to clean it up, with very little cooperation from the Republicans. As for Limbaugh and his ilk, I'm reminded of that old saying, "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." As Limbaugh has publicly stated on more than one occasion that he wants the president - and General Motors - to fail, then he is a very big part of the problem. Why certain unethical media companies continue to reward him for his ignorant, misleading and erroneous views is beyond comprehension. Of course, Limbaugh cares about no one other than himself and is laughing all the way to the bank.


Looking forward to more London photos. I already know that your photos will be so interesting and exactly what I would love to see. You have a gift for capturing the less obvious and the far more interesting.

That type of "reality" TV programming leaves me mystified and sad. I do not watch it. That is an interesting observation.

Things are feeling a little Orwellian lately.....the "hate speak" is treacherous. I am hearing it in unexpected places like grocery stores and retail places. Last week I was informed at cash register in a chain store that the economy is the way it is because we have a President who is not American. I was stunned to hear this in that setting.

Di Overton

Welcome back. Sorry that you chose the dates the strike was on :(
I told you, London does my head in. I have to take a trip there soon but keep putting it off because it's so trashing. Sad that I dread going back to the place of my birth.
The electing of BNP members for the European Parliament is scary but this happens when the other parties have no proper policies. We need a Barack Obama here though who that person may be is a mystery. Our politicians have totally pissed the electorate off here, too busy covering their own backs to think of how to get us out of the mess they got us into. Oh I'm having a hot flush now, I get so irate when I talk about them.


Tara, I am so sorry someone with hate is visiting your blog. It saddens my heart to read of the violence and hate in the world. When Obama was elected, it scared me that people would become more violent. I pray for the safety of our president. I don't want to believe there are people with such hate, but it is true. Now I am glad I didn't buy a Dell with my last computer too. Also loved seeing the Nike window. Thanks for sharing what is on your heart.

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