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19 August 2009



How very frustrating! And businesses wonder why 'consumer confidence' is so shaky, lately...I'm so sorry you've been going through all that, Tara. I hope you can get this resolved soon. Hugs!


I hope that you get satisfaction Tara - this is dispicible. Shouldn't happen - you need a 'fair go' as we say over here.


Have you tried contacting Toshiba directly?
We purchased about 25 laptops for our business with Toshiba and have had very good experiences with working with them.

Realisitically, this is their reseller that has gone out of business, so I'm not sure what they can do.

But again, while they are slow to work with, Toshiba has been excellent to take care of our problems here in the US.


I am so sorry that you had such bad luck with both computer and the company who sold it to you! The more I read of your long list of actions taken and not taken by that company, the incompetence of the various departments almost took my breath away! If I were a CEO of that company, I would like to know about it: Have you tried to contact any of them? It may solve your problems faster than anything else.

Good luck!

Btw, I just got myself a brandnew computer - at a brick and mortar store here in the city. It may have cost more than ordering it from a webstore, but I have learned the hard way that a good local business is invaluable in so many other ways I try to support them wherever I can. I did the same with my camera and have been nothing but happy about that, for a variety of reasons.

I can't believe , Tara !!! What an horrible. I thought french companies were the worst to this kind of think but this story reminds me about our problem with UPS and the money they never wanted to refund me for bla bla bla reasons ...Keep on going

Michelle French

What total crap. I just got a new MacBookPro because my four-and-a-half year-old Powerbook processor will not support the extreme high-end programs I need, but is still working fine for all the basic CS3. Next time, get a Mac. You also won't have to worry about viruses. The last one I got was one that SHIPPED with Quark 4 in 1998.

When I was having a little problem, the woman at the Apple Store on Regent Street told me what to buy at another shop, saving me around £80. I have always had good results with Apples.

This is my 7th (in 20 years). Not bad, especially considering the work load and that a few were running simultaneously. I think my mom has gone through about 10 PCs in less than that time.


Adding yet another case of "the check is in the mail..."

It is probably not much consolation but it isn't much different here. Customer service is like.. health care... and other things in these times... great if you can get can get it... and elusive if you can't.

I once waited 18 months for a refund for a faulty appliance. When I finally received it, I felt so triumphant, although I was beginning to forget about it.

I notice they do not give interest when they send the refunds very late. If it were a late payment, I am sure there would be interest, late fees, and all sorts of litigation threats!

Wishing you luck!

Elizabeth Rhiannon

Unbelievable! Let's hear it for mom and pop stores again!

Tara Bradford

Thanks, Nic. You're absolutely right about the extended warranty the manufacturer provides. I've bought two laptops (HP and Sony) and a netbook (Samsung) since the bad Dixons experience - none of them at Dixons. My next trip to London will be for an intensive photography course.

Nic Wise

Not a lot of help (I imagine it would be different if you were in the UK tho!), but I only ever go for the extended warranty that the manufacturer provides - never the store selling it.

Is that the reason for your next UK trip? :)

Tara Bradford

Thank you, Allegra! I have contacted the Citizens Advice Bureau, as well as the UK government agency that monitors consumer fraud. I'll follow up w/ other government agencies as well. Your info is much appreciated!


How frustrating for you! I hope eventually it will be resolved, but you can know I would never shop there. Thanks for the head's up.

BTW, as usual I love your photo and the roses one too.


I believe this agency would have an interest in finding about this fraud. If you have not done this yet, contact them. It would be interesting to see what they have to say and what suggestions if any they have for you to go after these thieves. The UK must have some agency that would be able to help as well. I will do some digging and let you know what I find, if anything. Hugs from here and I am still waiting for Mary to let me know when is she going to Paris otherwise I will wait until you come stateside.


I hope you prevail! Good luck in your pursuit!

Gillian daSilva

In a nutshell, that sucks. This is why companies go out of business. They fail to honour the most basic customer service needs. It is shameful for them that you have to chase them down for your money. Warranties are service-based products that they are quick to push on you and take your money for, but then not so quick to honour them when the need arises. They are like insurance companies, looking for a loophole here, or a clause there that absolves them from any liability.
In business there is an unwritten rule, good news travels slowly...bad news travels fast. Now their incompetence is global, thanks to you! Thanks for the heads up Tara, I'll never shop there. xoxo


Dang...I'm so sorry to hear that. This seems to be a growing problem with companies. I had a friend who got the basic 90-day warranty on a new laptop and they stopped honouring it about 30 days early. You should tell Dixons that you're reporting this problem to a consumer reporting place--I'm not sure what it would be in the UK. But usually they get their act together if you tell them they're going to be investigated. =) I hope that they eventually come to their senses!


Yikes. That'a bloody fortune, even without the exchange rate. I'll pass this on to a blogger friend who lives in England.

Di Overton

My God I can't believe this is still not sorted. I was listening to someone on radio this morning saying that they tried to use a Lifetime Guarantee and it meant absolutely nothing. Let's hope someone at Dixons reads this.

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